We study quantum phenomena in complex systems, with focus on solid state physics and mesoscopics. Our research on condensed matter spans the whole range from three- to zero-dimensional systems, from macroscopic to molecular scales: It comprises
  • electronic correlations, superconductivity, lattice dynamics, and spectroscopy of bulk materials,
  • surface lattice dynamics and surface acoustic waves,
  • quantum and interaction effects in nanostructures, superlattices, quantum dots, and molecular conductors, with focus on spintronics, quantum computation, molecular electronics, and quantum chaos.

More about people, projects and perspectives can be found here:

Complex Quantum Systems Klaus Richter
Spintronics Jaroslav Fabian
Quantum Transport and Dissipation Milena Grifoni
Spintronics, Magnetism and Quantum Information John Schliemann

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