How to reach us by car

Coming from Munich:
Follow Autobahn A9 to Dreieck Holledau, then follow A93 to Regensburg. At the Autobahn-junction Regensburg follow A3 direction Passau to Exit 100a "Regensburg-Klinikum/-Universität".

Coming from Nürnberg:
Follow Autobahn A3 to Regensburg, Exit 100a "Regensburg-Klinikum/-Universität"

Coming from Chemnitz, Hof:
Follow Autobahn A93 to the Autobahn-junction Regensburg, then follow A3 direction Passau, Exit 100a "Regensburg-Klinikum/-Universität"

Coming from Passau:
Follow Autobahn A3 to the Exit 100a "Regensburg-Klinikum/-Universität"

From the Exit follow the signs "Universität/Klinikum".

There will be parking opportunities in the subterranean garage of the university. See this sketch of the Autobahn-junctions around Regensburg. Maybe this route finder is useful to you.

last update: 22.03.2018