research topics

Research in our group ranges from mesoscopic quantum physics to classical nonlinear dynamics. Research topics/projects include:

- spin-dependent quantum transport in mesoscopics
- Berry phases
- spin polarized and assisted tummeling
- semiclassics for spin

Molecular Electronics
- models for molecular wires
- carbon nanotube junctions
- transport through C-60
- conducting polymers

Quantum Computation
- geometric quantum computation
- implementation in mesoscopic devices

Interactions in Quantum Dots
- Coulomb lockade
- quantum chaos of many-body systems
- random matrix theory and semiclassics
- excitons in confined quantum systems (collaboration with Shuhei Yoshida and Pavel Hawrylak)

Quantum Chaos
- spectral statistics and correlations
- semiclassics beyond the diagonal approximation
- chaos-assisted tunneling
- transport and chaotic scattering
- chaos and dissipation

Statistical Data Analysis
- independent component analysis
- bio-medical time series analysis
- signal processing of audio data

Semiclassical theory of mesoscopic systems
- quantum transport and weak localzation
- orbital magnetism
- optical response

Semiconductor-superconductor Hybrids
- proximity effect (article)
- transport through hybrid devices
(collaboration with P. Schmelcher's group)

Mesoscopic Optics
- chaotic light in micro cavities (collaboration with Martina Hentschel; article)

- electro-mechanical resonators
collaboration with G. Corso and R. Blick's group) (article)

Correlated Atomic Systems
- helium (article)
- atoms in strong laser fields (collaboration with P. Schmelcher's group)

last update: 15.3.2006