The Ultrafast Spectroscopy Lab I (Room: PHY 5.0.05)
Christian Gradl, Michael Kempf, Johannes Holler, Philipp Nagler, Christof Ermer,
Tobias Korn and Christian Schüller


time-resolved photoluminescence with streak-camera system
2 ps maximum time-resolution, microscope setup for spatially-resolved experiments, temperatures down to 4 K
pump-probe spectroscopy, e.g., time-resolved Faraday or Kerr rotation, with mode-locked Ti-Sapphire femtosecond laser
pulse length 100 fs - 600 fs, wavelength range 700 nm - 830 nm, magnetic fields up to 11.5 T, temperatures down to 0.4 K
cw photoluminescence spectroscopy
spectrometer with 0.5 m focal length and CCD camera, various laser sources, magnetic fields up to 11.5 T, temperatures down to 0.4 K


Lab with suspended device rack, Streak camera, microscopy setup and the He3 cryostat.

Lab with dimmed lighting for spectroscopic measurements.

Ti:Sa-laser, frequency doubler, Streak camera und delay line.

Beam setup of the delay line.

Pillared cryostat with vertical beam setup and watercooled magnet coils.

Streak camera control desk, He3 cryostat, microscopy setup and optical bridge.

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