Group seminars (room PHY 8.1.09)

Seminar calender 2017/2018

18.01.2018 at 13:30 c.t. Alexander Albang
Fabrication development of hybrid systems consisting of a coplanar waveguide and a carbon nanotube

11.01.2018 at 13:30 c.t. Karl Götz
To be announced

21.12.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Paul Linsmaier
Magnetotransport in nanocrystalline and bombarded Graphene

14.12.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Patrick Steger
Carbon nanotube transfer into complex devices with commercial quartz tuning forks

29.11.2017 at 13:15 c.t. Klaus Kronfeldner
Non-equilibrium transport in thin insulating and superconducting films with weak electron-phonon coupling

23.11.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Ajay Kumar Ghosh
Transport properties and Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in anisotropic superconducting systems

16.11.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Lucia Tatsch
Quantum corrections to the electric resistance in thin TiN-films near the superconductor-insulator-transition

02.11.2017 at 13:50 c.t. Simon Reinhardt
Phase-sensitive microwave transmission measurement setups

02.11.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Maria-Teresa Handschuh
New fabrication methods for superconducting contacts on carbon nanotubes

26.10.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Michael Taheri
A possibility of photon-triplet generation in a noble-gas-filled Kagome fiber

Previous talks

27.07.2017 at 14:30 c.t. Stefan Kittl and Hasan Benli
Construction and characterization of a multicoil setup for the angle dependent measurement of superconducting symmetries in unconventional superconductors

20.07.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Wolfgang Moeckel
Coherent Effects in few-layer NbSe2-junctions

13.07.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Christian Baumgartner
Mixed filling factors in QHE regime in charge carrier modulated graphene

06.07.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Andreas Eller
Electrical properties of NbSe2 and MoS2 films.

08.06.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Paul Linsmaier
Tunnel junctions between few-layer NbSe2 monocrystals in the superconducting regime.

18.05.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Tatyana I. Baturina
Charge Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transition in superconducting NbTiN films.

27.04.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Tuan Le Anh
Frequency- and time-domain characterization of a transmon qubit in a transmission line.

16.02.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Tobias Scharff
Anomalous behaviour of a thin NbSe2 crystal.

09.02.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Sung Ho Jhang
Patterning of periodic ripples in 2D atomic layers by laser irradiation.

02.02.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Lorenz Fuchs
Mutual Inductance and Transport Measurements on Thin Films - Towards Unconventional Superconductivity

26.01.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Thomas Huber
The new low temperature system: A He3/He4-dilution refrigerator

19.01.2017 at 13:50 c.t. Karl Götz
Interplay between mechanical properties and electrical transport of suspended carbon nanotubes.

19.01.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Büsra Yaman
Aufbau und Charakterisierung eines Demonstrationsmodells für eine elektrische Maschine

12.01.2017 at 13:30 c.t. Johannes Keil
Magneto-Resistance-Measurements on fourlayer nanocrystalline graphene.

15.12.2016 at 13:30 c.t. Klaus Kronfeldner
Transport properties of critically disordered TiN films

01.12.2016 at 13:15 c.t. Sasmita Srichandan
Thermal and electrical transport coefficients of CoFe thin films on suspended microcalorimeter.

17.11.2016 at 13:30 c.t. Christian Bäuml
Stamping of CNT's.

10.11.2016 at 13:50 c.t. Stefan Blien
Optomechanical and high frequency motion detection of nanotube mechanical resonators.

10.11.2016 at 13:30 c.t. Michael Schafberger
Shot noise measurements on CNT's.