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Algorithms and machines    22 abstracts
Abdel-Rehim, AbdouPhysics Department, Baylor UniversityDeflated BiCGStab for linear equation in QCD Problems (html, pdf)poster
Brandt, BastianUniversity of MünsterLuescher-Weisz algorithm for excited states of the QCD flux-tube (html, pdf)poster
Christ, NormanColumbia UniversityComputational Requirements of the Rational Hybrid Monte Carlo Algorithm (html, pdf)talk
Clark, MichaelBoston UniversityAdaptive Multi-grid for QCD (html, pdf)talk
Cundy, NigelUniversity of RegensburgDynamical overlap fermions with increased topological tunnelling (html, pdf)talk
Di Pierro, MassimoDePaul UniversityVisualization for Lattice QCD (html, pdf)poster
Doi, JunIBMPerformance evaluation and tuning of lattice QCD on the next generation Blue Gene (html, pdf)talk
Hasenbusch, MartinUniversita di Pisa and I.N.F.N.HMC algorithm for two-flavour lattice QCD: Schwarz-preconditioning with a one-dimensional domain decomposition (html, pdf)talk
Hip, IvanUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Geotechnical EngineeringInteractive Visualization Package for 4D LFTs (html, pdf)poster
Jansen, KarlDESYStout smearing for twisted mass (html, pdf)poster
Jung, ChulwooBrookhaven National LaboratoryStatus of (2+1) flavor, 32^3x64 domain wall fermion simulations (html, pdf)talk
Kennedy, AnthonyUniversity of EdinburghSpeeding up HMC with better integrators (html, pdf)talk
Meyer, NilsUniversity of RegensburgQCD on the cell processor (html, pdf)poster
Nakamura, AtsushiRIISE, Hiroshima UniversityDevelopment of QCD-code on a CELL Machine (html, pdf)poster
Nakamura, YoshifumiNIC, DESYA status report of the QCDSF $N_f=2+1$ Project (html, pdf)talk
Orginos, KostasCollege of William and Mary / JLabA solver for multiple right hand sides. (html, pdf)talk
Petry, RobertUniversity of ReginaUsing Evolutionary Algorithms to Extract Field Theory Mass Spectra (html, pdf)talk
Pleiter, DirkDESYTowards an interoperable International Lattice Datagrid (html, pdf)poster
Schroeder, ChristopherUniversity of California, San DiegoFourier Accelerating RHMC for the Overlap Top-Higgs (html, pdf)poster
Witzel, OliverHumboldt UniversitaetSpectral properties of the non-hermitean Wilson operator in the Schroedinger functional (html, pdf)poster
Woloshyn, RichardTRIUMFDynamical simulations with highly improved staggered quarks (html, pdf)poster
Yoshie, TomoteruCenter for Computational Sciences, TsukubaMarking up lattice QCD configurations and ensembles (html, pdf)poster
Applications beyond QCD    12 abstracts
Bietenholz, WolfgangDESY ZeuthenSimulating U(1) gauge theory in a non-commutative space (html, pdf)talk
Bursa, FrancisUniversität RegensburgMeson masses at large N (html, pdf)talk
Catterall, SimonSyracuse UniversityGauge-gravity duality -- super Yang-Mills quantum mechanics (html, pdf)talk
Diaz-Gil, AndresUniversidad Autónoma de MadridMagnetic phenomena at preheating. (html, pdf)talk
Holland, KieranUniversity of the PacificStaggered Top-Higgs models and Higgs mass bounds (html, pdf)talk
Ishikawa, TomomiRIKEN BNL Research CenterPhase structure of twisted Eguchi-Kawai model (html, pdf)talk
Kuti, JuliusUniversity of California, San DiegoNew Higgs physics from the lattice (html, pdf)talk
Luz, MagdalenaBergische Universitaet WuppertalHiggs mechanism in five dimensional gauge theories (html, pdf)talk
Moraitis, GregoryUniversity of Wales, SwanseaDetermination of the running coupling in pure SU(4) Yang-Mills theory (html, pdf)poster
Nishimura, JunKEKPutting M theory on computer (html, pdf)talk
Nogradi, DanielUniversity of WuppertalOverlap Top-Higgs models and Higgs mass bounds (html, pdf)talk
Patella, AgostinoScuola Normale Superiore, PisaBaryon currents in QCD with compact dimensions (html, pdf)talk
Chiral symmetry    24 abstracts
Baer, OliverHU BerlinThe vector and axial vector current in Wilson ChPT (html, pdf)talk
Becirevic, DamirLaboratoire de Physique Theorique, Universite Paris Sud, FranceUse and Misuse of Chiral Perturbation Theory for Lattice QCD (html, pdf)poster
Bietenholz, WolfgangDESY ZeuthenSchwinger model simulations with dynamical overlap fermions (html, pdf)poster
Borici, ArtanUniversity of TiranaA Schur Complement Approach to Chiral Fermions (html, pdf)talk
Capitani, StefanoUniversitaet BielefeldChiral violations from one-loop domain wall fermions (html, pdf)talk
Cecile, D. J.Duke UniversityModeling pion physics in the $\epsilon$-regime of two-flavor QCD using lattice field theory (html, pdf)talk
Chiu, Ting-WaiNational Taiwan UniversityTopological susceptibility in 2-flavor lattice QCD with fixed topololgy (html, pdf)talk
DeGrand, Thomasuniversity of ColoradoThe complete lowest order chiral Lagrangian from a little box (html, pdf)poster
Descotes-Genon, SébastienLPT (CNRS/Univ. Paris-Sud 11)How far can you go ? Surprises and pitfalls in three-flavour chiral extrapolations (html, pdf)talk
Dorati, MarinaUniversita' degli Studi di PaviaChiral Perturbation Theory and the first moments of the Generalized Parton Distributions in a Nucleon (html, pdf)talk
Durr, StephanUni BernThe art of smearing (html, pdf)talk
Fukaya, HidenoriTheoretical Physics Laboratory, RIKENMeson correlators of two-flavor lattice QCD in the epsilon-regime (html, pdf)talk
Gattringer, ChristofUniversity of GrazSymmetries of left-handed lattice fermions (html, pdf)talk
Gerhold, PhilippHumboldt-Universität BerlinThe phase structure of a chirally invariant lattice Higgs-Yukawa model (html, pdf)talk
Höllwieser, RomanTU WienSurprises with the lattice index theorem (html, pdf)talk
Hierl, DieterUniversity of Regensburg2+1 flavor QCD with the fixed point action in the $\epsilon$-regime (html, pdf)talk
Negele, JohnMITOscillatory terms in the Domain Wall Transfer matrix for M > 1 (html, pdf)talk
Ogawa, KenjiDepartment of Physics, National Taiwan UniversityDynamical fermion simulation with the optimal domain-wall fermion (html, pdf)talk
Onogi, TetsuyaYITP, Kyoto University$\theta$ vacuum physics from QCD at fixed topololgy (html, pdf)talk
Pak, MarkusUniversity of GrazParametrized blocking of left-handed fermion actions from the continuum (html, pdf)poster
Scorzato, LuigiECT* and INFN of ParmaResults from overlap valence quarks on a twisted mass sea (html, pdf)talk
Shindler, AndreaNIC/DESYExploring the epsilon regime with twisted mass fermions (html, pdf)poster
Streuer, ThomasUniversity of KentuckySimulating a gauge action from the Overlap Operator with RHMC (html, pdf)talk
Yagi, TakuyaUniversity of TokyoI=2 pi-pi scattering length with dynamical overlap fermion (html, pdf)talk
Hadron spectroscopy    52 abstracts
Alexandrou, ConstantiaUniversity of CyprusBaryon masses with dynamical twisted mass fermions (html, pdf)talk
Aubin, ChristopherColumbia UniversityTaste violations in the scalar correlator in mixed action simulations (html, pdf)talk
Bae, TaegilSeoul National UniversityPion multiplet spectrum with improved staggered fermions (html, pdf)poster
Bernard, ClaudeWashington UniversityStatus of the MILC light pseudoscalar meson project (html, pdf)poster
Burch, TommyUniversitaet RegensburgB meson excitations with CI light quarks (html, pdf)poster
Danzer, JuliaKarl-Franzens Universität Graz, Theoretische PhysikExcited state spectroscopy in the Gross-Neveu model for dynamical fermions (html, pdf)poster
Dong, Shao-JingUniversity of KentuckyFinite ma Errors in Overlap Fermions (html, pdf)talk
Ehmann, ChristianInstitute for theoretical physics, Universität Regensburgcharmonium spectrum including higher spin and exotic states (html, pdf)talk
Farchioni, FedericoUniversity of MuensterQCD with one quark flavor: I. Numerical simulations and hadron spectrum (html, pdf)talk
Fleming, GeorgeYale UniversityExcited State Effective Masses (html, pdf)talk
Frezzotti, RobertoUniv. and INFN of Rome Tor VergataScaling of hadronic observables in QCD with Nf=2 maximally twisted Wilson quarks (html, pdf)talk
Gonzalez Lopez, JeniferHumboldt UniversityCut-off effects for Overlap and Wilson Twisted Mass Fermions at tree-level of Perturbation Theory (html, pdf)poster
Gregory, EricUniversity of LiverpoolPseudoscalar flavor-singlet physics with staggered fermions (html, pdf)talk
Guazzini, DamianoDESY ZeuthenNon-perturbative renormalization of the chromo-magnetic operator in HQET and the $B^{\ast}-B$ mass splitting (html, pdf)talk
Hashimoto, ShojiKEKDynamical simulation with 2+1 flavors of overlap light quarks (html, pdf)poster
Herdoiza, GregorioINFN Roma Tor VergataQuark mass dependence of the pion mass and decay constant using $N_{\rm f}=2$ maximally twisted fermions (html, pdf)talk
Hetzenegger, MartinUniversity of RegensburgExcited mesons on dynamical clover-Wilson lattices (html, pdf)poster
Hoffmann, RolandUniversity of ColoradoNon-perturbative improvement of nHYP smeared Wilson fermions (html, pdf)talk
Hsieh, Tung-HanAcademia SinicaPutting Dirac b quark on the lattice (html, pdf)talk
Izubuchi, TakuRBRC & Kanazawa Univ.Dynamical QCD simulation with $\theta$ terms (html, pdf)talk
Joergler, MartinaInst. f. Physik, FB Theoret. Physik, Universitaet GrazThe eigenvalue spectrum for dynamical chirally improved fermions (html, pdf)poster
Juge, JimmyUniversity of the PacificGroup Theoretical Construction of Baryon Operators using All-to-All Quark Propagators (html, pdf)talk
Kadoh, DaisukeTsukuba Univ.Application of Wilson chiral perturbation theory to 2+1 flavor lattice QCD with O(a)-improved Wilson quarks (html, pdf)talk
Koma, MihoInstitut fuer Kernphysik, University of MainzRelativistic correction to the static potential at O(1/m) (html, pdf)talk
Koma, YoshiakiNumazu College of TechnologyDetermination of the velocity-dependent potentials at $O(1/m^2)$ (html, pdf)talk
Koponen, JonnaUniversity of HelsinkiP- and D-wave spin-orbit splittings in heavy-light measons (html, pdf)poster
Krieg, StefanNIC/ZAM Forschungszentrum Juelich & Wuppertal UniversityMixed action simulations: approaching physical quark masses (html, pdf)talk
Lang, ChristianInst. f. Physics, University of GrazDynamical Chirally Improved Quarks: First Results for Baryon Masses (html, pdf)talk
Lellouch, LaurentCentre de Physique Theorique, MarseilleChiral behavior of pseudo-Goldstone boson masses and decay constants in $2+1$ flavor QCD (html, pdf)talk
Levkova, LudmilaUniversity of UtahEffects of the disconnected flavor singlet corrections on the hyperfine splitting in charmonium (html, pdf)talk
Li, MinColumbia UniversityCharm spectroscopy on dynamical 2+1 flavor domain wall fermion lattices with a relativistic heavy quark action (html, pdf)talk
Lichtl, AdamRBRC, Brookhaven National LaboratoryExcited Nucleon Resonances from the Lattice (html, pdf)talk
Lin, Huey-WenJefferson LabParameter Tuning of Three-Flavor Dynamical Anisotropic Clover Action (html, pdf)talk
Lin, MeifengColumbia UniversityProbing the Chiral Limit in 2+1 Flavor Domain Wall Fermion QCD (html, pdf)talk
Liu, ChuanPeking UniversityStudy of Hadron Scattering Using an Asymmetric Box (html, pdf)poster
Michael, ChrisUniversity of LiverpoolNeutral mesons and disconnected diagrams in Twisted Mass QCD (html, pdf)talk
Mohler, DanielKarl-Franzens-Universität GrazMeson spectroscopy with derivative quark sources (html, pdf)poster
Na, HeechangIndiana UniversityCharm and bottom heavy baryon mass spectrum from lattice QCD with 2+1 (html, pdf)talk
Nagata, KazuhiroDepartment of Physics, Indiana UniversityStaggered Diquarks for Singly Heavy Baryons (html, pdf)talk
Noaki, JunKEKLight meson spectrum with $N_f=2$ dynamical overlap fermions (html, pdf)talk
Nolan, AndrewTrinity College, DublinGlueball spectroscopy from Nf=2 anisotropic lattice QCD. (html, pdf)talk
Oktay, MehmetTrinity College, Dublin$D_s$ spectrum from $N_f=2$ anisotropic lattices (html, pdf)talk
Pleiter, DirkDESYProbing the chiral limit with clover fermions II: The baryon sector (html, pdf)talk
Sasaki, KiyoshiCenter for Computational Sciences, University of TsukubaPhase Shift Analysis of I=2 Two-Pion System with Attention to Interaction Range (html, pdf)talk
Sasaki, ShoichiUniversity of TokyoIdentification of shallow two-body bound states in finite volume (html, pdf)talk
Schaefer, StefanNIC, DESYDynamical simulations with HYP-link Wilson fermions (html, pdf)talk
Schierholz, GerritDESYProbing the chiral limit with clover fermions I: The meson sector (html, pdf)talk
Shintani, EigoKEKPion mass difference from vacuum polarization (html, pdf)talk
Sudmann, TobiasUniversity of MuensterQCD with one quark flavor: II. Analysis and chiral perturbation theory (html, pdf)talk
Tariq, Abdullah Shams BinRajshahi University, BangladeshRevisiting the pentaquark episode for lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Toussaint, DougUniversity of ArizonaBaryon masses with $a_{tad}^2$ staggered quarks (html, pdf)poster
Ukita, NaoyaTsukuba Univ.Light hadron spectrum with 2+1 flavor QCD with O(a)-improved Wilson quarks (html, pdf)talk
Hadron structure    27 abstracts
Babich, RonaldBoston UniversityStrange quark contribution to nucleon form factors (html, pdf)talk
Brömmel, DirkDeutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESYStructure of the pion from lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Collins, SaraUniversity of RegensburgDisconnected contributions to hadronic structure (html, pdf)talk
Cristoforetti, MarcoTrento UniversityExploring the Chiral Regime of QCD in the Interacting Instanton Liquid Model (html, pdf)talk
Engelhardt, MichaelPhysics Department, New Mexico State UniversityElectric polarizability of the neutron in dynamical quark ensembles (html, pdf)talk
Horsley, RogerUniversity of EdinburghDistribution Amplitudes of Vector Mesons (html, pdf)talk
Hsu, Pai-hsien JenniferYale UniversityThe Pion Form Factor at Large Momentum Transfer (html, pdf)talk
Ishii, NoriyoshiCenter for Computational Sciences, University of TsukubaLattice QCD approach to nuclear force (html, pdf)talk
Kaltenbrunner, ThomasUniversität Regensburgirreducible three quark operators for LQCD (html, pdf)talk
Kaneko, TakashiKEKPion form factor from all-to-all propagators of overlap quarks (html, pdf)talk
Korzec, TomaszUniversity of CyprusElectromagnetic form factors of Delta baryons (html, pdf)talk
Koutsou, GiannisUniversity of CyprusMeson form factors using four point functions (html, pdf)talk
Lee, Frank X.George Washington UniversityMagnetic Moments of Vector Mesons in the Background Field Method (html, pdf)talk
Liu, Keh-FeiUniversity of KentuckyNeutron Electric Dipole Moment at Fixed Topology (html, pdf)talk
Liu, ZhaofengLaboratoire de Physique Theorique, Universite Paris-sud 11Moments of meson distribution functions with dynamical twisted mass fermions (html, pdf)talk
Meyer, HarveyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyThe glue content of the pion (html, pdf)talk
Musch, BernhardTUM T39Transverse Momentum Distributions of Quarks from the Lattice using Extended Gauge Links (html, pdf)talk
Nemura, HidekatsuRIKEN Nishina CenterHyperon-nucleon potentials from lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Ohta, ShigemiIPNS/KEK and RBRC/BNLNucleon structure functions with \(N_f=2+1\) dynamical domain-wall fermions (html, pdf)talk
Ohtani, MunehisaRegensburg universityMoments of generalized parton distributions and quark angular momentum of the nucleon (html, pdf)talk
Rakow, PaulUniversity of LiverpoolThe Operator Product Expansion on the lattice (html, pdf)talk
Renner, DruUniversity of ArizonaGeneralized parton distributions from domain wall valence quarks and staggered sea quarks (html, pdf)talk
Schroers, WolframNIC - DESY ZeuthenNucleon electromagnetic form factors with Wilson fermions (html, pdf)talk
Tsapalis, AntoniosUniversity of Athens, IASANucleon Axial and Nucleon-to-Delta Axial Transition Form Factors from Lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Warkentin, NikolausUniversity of RegensburgMoments of leading-twist and next-to-leading twist nucleon distribution amplitudes. (html, pdf)talk
Wilcox, WalterBaylor UniversityVacuum Expectation Values of Twisted Mass Fermion Operators (html, pdf)poster
Yamazaki, TakeshiUniv. of Conn.Nucleon form factors with $N_f$=2+1 domain wall fermions (html, pdf)talk
Nonzero temperature and density    72 abstracts
Akemann, GernotBrunel University West LondonDetermination of F_pi from Individual Dirac Operator Eigenvalues (html, pdf)poster
Alexandru, AndreiUniversity of KentuckyFinite density simulations using a determinant estimator (html, pdf)talk
Berg, BerndFlorida State UniversitySU3 Deconfining Phase Transition in a Box with Cold Boundaries (html, pdf)talk
Bloch, JacquesUniversity of RegensburgAn iterative method to compute the overlap Dirac operator at nonzero chemical potential (html, pdf)talk
Borisenko, OlegInstitute for Theoretical Physics, Kiev, UkraineCritical behaviour of 3D U(1) LGT at finite temperature (html, pdf)talk
Bornyakov, VitalyIHEP, ProtvinoFinite temperature LQCD with two flavors of improved Wilson fermions (html, pdf)talk
Chagdaa, SodbilegFaculty of Physics, University of Bielefeld, D-33501 Bielefeld, GermanyFlux tube profiles at finite temperature (html, pdf)talk
Cheng, MichaelColumbia UniversityCharm Quarks and the QCD Equation of State (html, pdf)talk
Chernodub, MaximITEP, MoscowTopological defects and equation of state of gluon plasma (html, pdf)talk
Chuan, MiaoFakultät für Physik, Universität BielefeldBulk Thermodynamics at non-vanishing baryon density (html, pdf)talk
Conradi, SimoneDipartimento di Fisica GenovaAnalytic continuation of the phase of the fermionic determinant. (html, pdf)poster
D'Elia, MassimoUniversita` di Genova & INFNEta prime mass across the chiral phase transition (html, pdf)talk
de Forcrand, PhilippeETHA QCD critical point at small chemical potential: is it there or not? (html, pdf)talk
DeTar, CarletonUniversity of UtahToward an improved determination of $T_c$ with 2+1 flavors of Asqtad fermions (html, pdf)talk
Dougall, AlexBergische Universitaet WuppertalHigh density effective theory on the lattice (html, pdf)poster
Ejiri, ShinjiBrookhaven National LaboratoryStudy of the critical point in lattice QCD at high temperature and density (html, pdf)talk
Endrodi, GergelyEotvos University, Budapest, HungaryThe nature of the finite temperature QCD transition as a function of the quark masses (html, pdf)talk
Falcone, RossellaUniversita' della Calabria - INFNScreening masses in the SU(3) pure gauge theory and universality (html, pdf)talk
Feo, AlessandraUniversity of Parma and INFN ParmaA Model for QCD at High Density and Large Quark Mass (html, pdf)talk
Fukushima, KenjiRIKEN BNL Research CenterSign problem in two-color two-flavor QCD with quark and isospin chemical potentials (html, pdf)talk
Giudice, PietroUniversita' di Torino, INFN TorinoCan we study Quark Matter in the Quenched Approximation? (html, pdf)poster
Gravina, MarioUNICAL - INFN CosenzaUniversality and massive excitations in 3d 3-state Potts model (html, pdf)talk
Gupta, RajanLos Alamos National LabThe QCD transition temperature from simulations on BlueGene L Supercomputer at LLNL (html, pdf)talk
Guse, ChristaUniversity of WuppertalCurvature of the phase transition line in the $\mu$-T plane (html, pdf)talk
Heller, Urs M.Physical Review DThe equation of state with nonzero chemical potential for 2+1 flavors (html, pdf)talk
Hidaka, YoshimasaRIKEN BNL Research CenterModel study of the sign problem in the mean-field approximation (html, pdf)talk
Hietanen, AriUniversity of HelsinkiQuark number susceptibility of high temperature and finite density QCD (html, pdf)poster
Huebner, KayBNLCorrelations of chiral condensates and quark number with static quark sources (html, pdf)talk
Jakovac, AntalBergische Universitaet WuppertalStatic quark free energies at finite temperature (html, pdf)talk
Kaczmarek, OlafUniversität BielefeldRenormalization of Polyakov loops in fundamental and higher representations (html, pdf)poster
Katz, SandorUniversity of WuppertalThe QCD transition temperature (html, pdf)talk
Kitazawa, MasakiyoOsaka UniversitySpectral Properties of Quarks in the Quark-Gluon Plasma (html, pdf)talk
Klein, BertramInstitut für Theoretische Physik T39, Physik Department, Technische Universität MünchenFinite Size Scaling for the O(N) universality class from Renormalization Group Methods (html, pdf)talk
Kurkela, AleksiUniversity of HelsinkiZ(3)-symmetric effective theory of hot QCD (html, pdf)poster
Laermann, EdwinUni BielefeldImproving bulk QCD thermodynamics on the lattice (html, pdf)poster
Langelage, JensUniversity of MünsterStrong coupling expansion for Yang-Mills theory at finite temperature (html, pdf)poster
Langfeld, KurtUniversity of PlymouthWorldline Approach to Chiral Fermions on the Lattice (html, pdf)talk
Li, AnyiUniversity of KentuckyOptimizing the Canonical Approach to Finite Density QCD (html, pdf)talk
Liddle, JackUniversitaet BielefeldThe spatial string tension and dimensional reduction in QCD. (html, pdf)talk
Liptak, LudovitInstitute of Physics, Slovak Academy of SciencesThermodynamical quantities for chiral lattice fermions with chemical potential (html, pdf)talk
Lombardo, Maria PaolaINFNGlueballs and mesons in the superfluid phase of two color QCD (html, pdf)talk
Maezawa, YuThe Univ. of TokyoThermodynamics and heavy-quark free energies at finite temperature and density with two flavors of improved Wilson quarks (html, pdf)talk
Mendez, TerezaIFSC--USPUniversality and Scaling at the chiral transition in two-flavor QCD at finite temperature (html, pdf)poster
Miura, KohtarohHokkaido UniversityMeson spectrum in the SU(3) phase of finite temperature and finite density in the strong coupling lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Mukherjee, SwagatoUniversity of BielefeldScreening masses of mesons in 2+1 flavour QCD (html, pdf)talk
Myers, JoyceWashington University in St. LouisNew Phases of Finite Temperature Gauge Theory from an Extended Action (html, pdf)talk
Namekawa, YusukeUniversity of TsukubaThermodynamics of $N_f=2$ QCD on anisotropic lattices (html, pdf)talk
Ogilvie, MichaelWashington University in St. LouisExploring Partially Confined Phases (html, pdf)talk
Papa, AlessandroUniversita` della Calabria & INFN-CosenzaAnalytic continuation of the critical line in 2-color QCD at nonzero temperature and density (html, pdf)poster
Petreczky, PeterBNLQuarkonium correlators at finite temperature and potential models (html, pdf)talk
Petrov, KonstantinNBIEntropy and Internal energy of Heavy quark-anti-quark pair (html, pdf)talk
Philipsen, OweUniversity of MünsterThe chiral critical point of $N_f=3$ QCD: towards the continuum (html, pdf)talk
Pica, ClaudioBrookhaven National LabA test of first order scaling in Nf=2 QCD (html, pdf)poster
Rummukainen, KariUniversity of OuluQCD plasma instability and thermalisation at heavy ion collisions (html, pdf)poster
Sakai, SunaoYamagata UniversityLattice calculation of the QGP viscosities - Present results and Next Project - (html, pdf)poster
Söldner, WolfgangBNLThe Polyakov Loop and the Eigenvalues of the Dirac Operator (html, pdf)talk
Schmidt, ChristianBNLCharge fluctuations and correlations in QCD at zero and non-zero density (html, pdf)talk
Shifrin, LeonidBrunel University West LondonThe distributions of individual Dirac eigenvalues for QCD at non-zero chemical potential: RMT predictions and Lattice results (html, pdf)talk
Sinclair, DonaldnonePhase Quenched Lattice QCD at Finite Density and Temperature (html, pdf)talk
Sitch, PeterSwansea UniversityThe Hadronic Spectrum of 2-colour QCD at Non-zero Chemical Potential (html, pdf)talk
Skullerud, Jon-IvarTrinity College DublinCharmonium properties in the quark-gluon plasma (html, pdf)talk
Szabo, KalmanUniversity of WuppertalThe equation of state at high temperatures from lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Takaishi, TetsuyaHiroshima University of EconomicsSimulations of one-flavor QCD at finite temperature by RHMC (html, pdf)poster
Tassler, MarcusUniversity of MuensterWilson loop in classical lattice gauge theory and the thermal width of heavy quarkonium (html, pdf)poster
Torrero, ChristianUniversity of BielefeldFour-loop NSPT result for a 3d condensate-contribution to hot QCD pressure (html, pdf)poster
Toth, BalintEotvos Lorand UniversityQCD finite T transition with wilson fermions (html, pdf)talk
Umeda, TakashiUniv. of TsukubaStudy of constant mode in charmonium correlators at finite temperature (html, pdf)talk
van der Heide, JanUniversity of BielefeldThermodynamics of 2+1 flavour QCD (html, pdf)talk
Vranas, PavlosLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryThe two flavor Nt=8 QCD thermal transition with DWF. (html, pdf)talk
Weinberg, VolkerDESYExploring the chiral phase transition of N_f=2 flavour QCD with valence overlap fermions (html, pdf)talk
Wenger, UrsETH ZuerichThe phase diagram of QCD at finite isospin density (html, pdf)talk
Zeidlewicz, LarsUniversity of MünsterTwisted mass QCD at finite temperature (html, pdf)poster
Standard model parameters and renormalization    20 abstracts
Constantinou, MarthaUniversity of CyprusThe three-loop $\beta$ function of SU(N) lattice gauge theories with Overlap fermions (html, pdf)poster
Dalgic, EmelTRIUMF & SFUProgress on Perturbative Matching Calculations for the Charm Quark Mass using HISQ Action using the HISQ action (html, pdf)poster
Di Renzo, FrancescoUniversità  di Parma & INFNHigh loop renormalization constants by NSPT: a status report (html, pdf)poster
Dimopoulos, PetrosUniversita' di Roma Tor VergataRenormalisation Constants of Bilinear Quark Operators with Nf=2 Maximally Twisted Mass Fermions (html, pdf)talk
El-Khadra, AidaUniversity of IllinoisPerturbative matching of heavy-light currents at one-loop (html, pdf)poster
Freeland, ElizabethSchool of the Art Inst of ChicagoHeavy-Quark Masses from Three-Flavor Lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Fritzsch, PatrickWestfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Institut für Theoretische PhysikNon-perturbative relation between the bare and the RGI heavy quark mass in finite-volume two-flavour QCD (html, pdf)talk
Garron, NicolasDESYF_B at the 1/m order of HQET (html, pdf)talk
Heitger, JochenWestfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Institut für Theoretische PhysikA strategy for performing non-perturbative computations in HQET with dynamical light quarks (html, pdf)talk
Nakamura, YousukeUniversity of TsukubaNon-perturbative renormalization of four-quark operators and $B_K$ with Schr\"{o}dinger functional scheme in quenched domain-wall QCD (html, pdf)talk
Perez Rubio, PaulaUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid and Trinity College DublinThe SF running coupling with four flavours of staggered quarks (html, pdf)talk
Perlt, HolgerUniversitaet LeipzigPerturbative determination of csw with Symanzik improved gauge action and stout smearing (html, pdf)talk
Schiller, ArwedUniversitaet LeipzigThe lattice gluon propagator in stochastic perturbation theory (html, pdf)poster
Scholz, Enno E.Brookhaven National LaboratoryQuark mass determination from 2+1 flavor domain wall fermion simulations (html, pdf)talk
Sint, StefanTrinity College DublinSchr\"odinger functional renormalization schemes for domain wall quarks (html, pdf)talk
Skouroupathis, ApostolosUniversity of Cyprus, Department of PhysicsHigher loop renormalization of fermion bilinear operators (html, pdf)poster
Sommer, RainerDESYPreparing for $N_f=2$ simulations at small lattice spacings (html, pdf)talk
Sternbeck, AndreCSSM, The University of AdelaideAlpha_s from the ghost-gluon vertex in Landau gauge (html, pdf)talk
Takeda, ShinjiHumboldt Universitaet zu BerlinAutomatic generation of vertices for the Schroedinger functional (html, pdf)talk
von Hippel, GeorgUniversity of ReginaUnquenching Effects on the Coefficients of the L\"uscher-Weisz Action (html, pdf)talk
Theoretical developments    27 abstracts
Arianos, SergioINFN-TorinoLattice supersymmetry and non commutative geometry (html, pdf)poster
Brower, Richard C.Boston UniversityHigh energy scattering in AdS dual to QCD (html, pdf)talk
D'Adda, AlessandroINFN - Sezione di TorinoExact lattice supersymmetry in a non-commutative framework (html, pdf)talk
Giedt, JoelFTPI, University of MinnesotaStaggered fermion power-counting (html, pdf)poster
Golterman, MaartenSan Francisco State UniversityEffective field theories for rooted staggered fermions (html, pdf)talk
Kanamori, IssakuRIKENNumerical results of two-dimensinoal N=(2,2) super Yang-Mills theory (html, pdf)talk
Kästner, TobiasTPI FSU JenaLow-dimensional Supersymmetric Lattice Models (html, pdf)poster
Kim, JongjeongSeoul National UniversityNature of logarithmic divergence in one loop lattice Feynman integrals (html, pdf)poster
Leder, BjörnHumboldt University BerlinTest of the Schroedinger functional with chiral fermions in the Gross-Neveu model (html, pdf)talk
Limmer, MarkusKarl-Franzens-Universität GrazMonte-Carlo simulation of the lattice Gross-Neveu model: standard representation vs. fermion loops (html, pdf)poster
Meurice, YannickThe University of IowaFisher's Zeros and Perturbative Series in Gluodynamics (html, pdf)talk
Nagai, Kei-ichiUniversity of Wuppertal / FZ-JuelichThe two flavour Schwinger model: the scalar condensate and the eigenvalue saturation of the pion propagator (html, pdf)poster
Nagata, KazuhiroDepartment of Physics, Indiana UniversityLattice Formulation of N=4 D=3 Twisted Super Yang-Mills (html, pdf)talk
Neuberger, HerbertRutgersUniversal properties of large N phase transitions in Wilson loops (html, pdf)talk
Nicolis, StamCNRS-LMPT ToursLayered Phase Investigations (html, pdf)talk
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Pawlowski, Jan MartinUniversity of HeidelbergOn Majorana fermions on the lattice (html, pdf)talk
Pirner, Hans J.Heidelberg University, Theoretical PhysicsThe Solution of Light Cone QCD on the Lattice (html, pdf)talk
Rossi, GiancarloUniversity of Rome Tor VergataO($a^2$) cutoff effects in Wilson fermion simulations (html, pdf)talk
Strouthos, CostasEPFLThe phases of three dimensional QED (html, pdf)poster
Takimi, TomohisaThe Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)Lattice Formulation of Two Dimensional Topological Field Theory (html, pdf)talk
Teper, MichaelUniversity of OxfordThe running of the bare coupling in SU(N) gauge theories (html, pdf)talk
Tomboulis, Terry E.UCLAImproved actions and lattice coarsening effects in MCRG studies in SU(2) LGT (html, pdf)poster
Vairinhos, HelvioUniversity of OxfordStructure and properties of the vacuum of the Twisted Eguchi-Kawai model (html, pdf)talk
Volkholz, JanHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinSupersymmetry on the Fuzzy Sphere (html, pdf)talk
Wolff, UlliHU BerlinCluster simulation of two-dimensional relativistic fermions (html, pdf)talk
Zubkov, MikhailITEP10 TEV monopoles and topology of the Standard Model (html, pdf)talk
Vacuum structure and confinement    57 abstracts
Alkofer, ReinhardInstitut für Physik, Theoretische Physik, Universität GrazDynamically induced scalar quark confinement: A link between chiral symmtry breaking and confinement (html, pdf)talk
Alles Salom, BartolomeINFN PisaNumerical Study of the mass spectrum in the O(3) sigma model with a theta term (html, pdf)poster
Athenodorou, AndreasUniversity of OxfordThe spectrum of closed loops of fundamental flux in D=2+1 SU(N) gauge theories. (html, pdf)talk
Bilgici, ErekKarl-Franzens-Universität GrazCollective response of Dirac and Laplace eigenvalues to changing boundary conditions (html, pdf)poster
Bogolubsky, IgorJoint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna)Landau-gauge gluon and ghost propagators in 4D SU(3) gluodynamics on large lattice volumes (html, pdf)poster
Bringoltz, BarakUniversity of OxfordStrings in SU(N) gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions: beyond the fundamental representation (html, pdf)talk
Burgio, GiuseppeInstitut f. Theor. Physik, TübingenVortex topology and the continuum limit of lattice gauge theories (html, pdf)talk
Cardoso, MarcoCFTP, Instituto Superior TécnicoStatic potential for the quark-antiquark-gluon hybrid system in lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Caselle, MicheleDepartment of Theoretical Physics, University of TorinoEffective string theory description of the interface free energy. (html, pdf)talk
Cosmai, LeonardoINFN - BariPerturbing QCD with external fields (html, pdf)poster
Cossu, GuidoScuola Normale Superiore & INFN, PisaConfinement: G(2) group case (html, pdf)talk
Cucchieri, AttilioIFSC -- USPWhat's up with IR gluon and ghost propagators in Landau gauge? An answer from huge lattices (html, pdf)talk
D'Alessandro, AlessioUniversita' di Genova & INFNConfining properties of two-color QCD at finite density (html, pdf)talk
Di Giacomo, AdrianoPisa University and INFNDisorder parameter for confinement and vacuum field strength correlators. (html, pdf)talk
Fischer, ChristianTU DarmstadtLarge volume behaviour of Yang-Mills propagators (html, pdf)talk
Furui, SadatakaTeikyo UniversityRoles of the quark field in the infrared lattice Coulomb gauge and Landau gauge QCD (html, pdf)talk
Giudice, PietroUniversita' di Torino - INFN TorinoThe Conformal anomaly of k-strings (html, pdf)talk
Giusti, LeonardoCERNTheta dependence of the vacuum energy in the SU(3) gauge theory from the lattice (html, pdf)talk
Gliozzi, FerdinandoTorino UniversityConfining vacua and Q-state Potts models wit Q<1 (html, pdf)talk
Greensite, JeffSan Francisco State UniversityYang-Mills Ground State in 2+1 Dimensions and Temporal Gauge (html, pdf)talk
Grinza, PaoloUniversita` di TorinoOn the ratio of string tensions in the 3D Z_4 lattice gauge theory (html, pdf)talk
Gubarev, FedorITEP, MoscowOn the structure of QCD confining string (html, pdf)talk
Hagen, ChristianUniversity of RegensburgComplete spectra of the staggered Dirac operator and their relation to Polyakov loops (html, pdf)talk
Hasenfratz, AnnaUniversity of ColoradoThe impact of localized overlap eigenmodes on RMT measurements and topology (html, pdf)talk
Hetrick, JamesUniversity of the PacificThe 2+1 flavor topological susceptibility from the asqtad action at 0.06 fm (html, pdf)talk
Ilgenfritz, Ernst-MichaelHumboldt-Universitaet BerlinLocalization of overlap eigenmodes and topological charge and center vortices in the SU(3) vacuum (html, pdf)talk
Kurth, ThorstenBU WuppertalPrecision Study of the Topological Susceptibility in the Continuum (html, pdf)poster
Lacagnina, GiuseppeDipartimento di fisica "E. Fermi" and INFN, PisaAn update in monopole condensation in two-flavour Adjoint QCD (html, pdf)talk
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Majumdar, PushanIntitut fuer Theoretische Physik, Westfaelische-Wilhelms Universitaet, MuensterSubleading properties of the QCD flux-tube in 3-d lattice gauge theory (html, pdf)talk
Markum, HaraldVUTInstantons in Two-Dimensional Noncommutative U(1) Gauge Theory (html, pdf)talk
Muller-Preussker, MichaelHumboldt-University BerlinLattice Landau gauge gluon propagator: an SU(2) investigation with improved gauge fixing (html, pdf)poster
Nakagawa, YoshiyukiResearch Center for Nuclear Physics, OsakaColor confinement and the Faddeev-Popov ghosts in Coulomb gauge QCD (html, pdf)talk
Neuhaus, ThomasJohn von Neumann Institute for Computing, Forschungszentrum JülichPure Gauge Compact QED in the Ice Limit (html, pdf)talk
O'Cais, AlanCSSM, University of AdelaideCentre Vortices in SU(3) (html, pdf)talk
Oliveira, OrlandoUniversity of CoimbraSU(2) meets SU(3) in lattice-Landau-gauge gluon and ghost propagators (html, pdf)talk
Oliveira, OrlandoUniversity of CoimbraThe gluon propagator from large asymmetric lattices (html, pdf)poster
Polikarpov, MikhailITEPRigidity of center vortices. (html, pdf)talk
Quandt, MarkusUniversity of TübingenCoulomb gauge Green functions and Gribov copies in SU(2) lattice gauge theory (html, pdf)talk
Reinhardt, HugoTübingen UniversityHamilton approach to Yang-Mills theory in Coulomb gauge (html, pdf)talk
Sadooghi, NedaDepartment of Physics, Sharif University of Technology, PO Box 11365-9161 Tehran-IranModified Coulomb potential of QED in a strong magnetic field (html, pdf)talk
Saito, TakuyaKochi UniversityLong-distance color-dependent quark potentials in the Coulomb gauge QCD (html, pdf)talk
Sastre, AlfonsoUniversidad Autónoma de MadridAdjoint zero-modes of the Dirac operator as a tool for the understanding of the Yang-Mills vacuum (html, pdf)talk
Schwenzer, KaiUniversity of GrazLower dimensional Yang-Mills theory as a laboratory to study the infrared regime (html, pdf)talk
Sekido, ToruKanazawa Univ.Study of the structure of the QCD vacuum with valence overlap fermions and monopoles. (html, pdf)talk
Shibata, AkihiroKEKToward gauge-independent study of color confinement in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory (html, pdf)talk
Silva, PauloCentre for Computational Physics - University of CoimbraGauge fixing methods and Gribov copies effects in lattice QCD (html, pdf)poster
Silva, PauloCentre for Computational Physics - University of CoimbraInfrared exponents of gluon and ghost propagators from Lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Solbrig, StefanUniversity of RegensburgQuantitative comparison of filtering methods in lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Suzuki, TsuneoKanazawa UniversityGauge independence of Abelian confinement mechansim in SU(2) gluodynamics (html, pdf)talk
Tomboulis, TerryUCLADeriving confinement via RG decimations (html, pdf)talk
Veselov, AlexandrITEPLattice study of monopoles in the Electroweak theory. (html, pdf)poster
Voigt, AikoDepartment of Physics, Humboldt University of Berlin, GermanyCoulomb gauge studies of SU(3) Yang-Mills theory on the lattice (html, pdf)poster
Wagner, MarcHumboldt University BerlinFermionic fields in the pseudoparticle approach (html, pdf)talk
Williams, Anthony G.CSSM, The University of AdelaideComparing SU(2) to SU(3) gluodynamics on large lattices (html, pdf)poster
Wozar, ChristianTPI, FSU Jena$Z_3$-Polyakov-loop models and inverse Monte-Carlo method (html, pdf)poster
Weak decays and matrix elements    39 abstracts
Adams, DavidSeoul National UniversityRenormalization group evolution for the $\Delta S=1$ effective Hamiltonian with 3 quark flavors (html, pdf)talk
Ali Khan, ArifaUniversity of RegensburgDecays of mesons with charm quarks on the lattice (html, pdf)talk
Antonio, DaveUniversity of EdinburghThe Kaon B-parameter from Domain Wall Fermions (html, pdf)talk
Aoki, YasumichiRIKEN BNL Research CenterHeavy-light matrix elements in static limit with domain wall fermions (html, pdf)talk
Blossier, BenoitDESY ZeuthenTwisted mass QCD in the charm sector (html, pdf)talk
Cohen, SaulJefferson Lab$B_K$ on 2+1-flavor Iwasaki DWF lattices (html, pdf)talk
Cooney, PaulUniversity of EdinburghNucleon Decay Constants from 2+1 Flavour Domain Wall Fermions (html, pdf)talk
Davies, ChristineUniversity of GlasgowB_s and B_d mixing in full lattice QCD using NRQCD b quarks (html, pdf)poster
Doi, TakumiUniversity of KentuckySigma meson contribution in the $\Delta I = 1/2$ rule (html, pdf)talk
Dumitrescu, ThomasColumbia UniversityThe Static Approximation to B Meson Mixing using Light Domain Wall Fermions: Perturbative Renormalization and Ground State Degeneracies (html, pdf)talk
Flynn, JonathanUniversity of SouthamptonElastic $s$-wave scattering phase shifts and $|V_{ub}|$ from lattice calculations of form factors for exclusive semileptonic decays (html, pdf)poster
Follana, EduardoUniversity of GlasgowHigh precision determination of the D and Ds decay constants and masses from lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Gamiz, ElviraUniversity of IllinoisA Determination of the $B^0_s$ and $B^0_d$ mixing parameters in $2+1$ lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Haas, BenjaminLaboratoire de Physique TheoriqueImproving the extraction of the semileptonic form factors from LQCD (html, pdf)talk
Hernandez, PilarIFIC-Universidad de ValenciaWeak low-energy couplings from topological zero-mode wavefunctions (html, pdf)talk
Kim, ChanghoanSouthampton University$\Delta I=1/2$ $K \rightarrow \pi\pi$ decays at next-to-leading order in chiral perturbation theory (html, pdf)talk
Laiho, JackFermilab$B \rightarrow D^* l \nu$ with 2+1 flavors (html, pdf)talk
Li, ShuColumbia UniversityKaon Weak Matrix Elements in 2+1 flavor DWF QCD: Renormalization and physical values (html, pdf)talk
Lightman, MatthewColumbia University$K \to \pi \pi$ Amplitudes at Unphysical Kinematics Using Domain Wall Fermions (html, pdf)talk
Lin, DavidNational Chiao-Tung University, TaiwanComplete set of $\Delta B = 2$ and $\Delta C = 2$ Matrix elements in heavy meson chiral perturbation (html, pdf)talk
Mackenzie, PaulFermilab$B\rightarrow \pi l \nu$ decay in unquenched QCD (html, pdf)talk
Mawhinney, RobertColumbia UniversityKaon Weak Matrix Elements in 2+1 flavor DWF QCD: UV subtractions and chiral behavior (html, pdf)talk
Morozov, SergeyInstitute for Theoretical and Experimental PhysicsKaon semileptonic decay form factors with N_f = 2 non-perturbatively O(a)-improved Wilson fermions (html, pdf)poster
Ohki, HiroshiKyoto UniversityHigh precision study of $B^*B\pi$ coupling in unquenched QCD (html, pdf)talk
Palombi, FilippoDESY ZeuthenPreliminary non-perturbative results of the B_s mixing parameter in the static limit from quenched tmQCD (html, pdf)talk
Papinutto, MauroCERNNon-perturbative renormalization of static-light four-fermion operators in quenched lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Pena, CarlosCERNNon-perturbative renormalisation of four-fermion operators in $N_f=2$ QCD (html, pdf)poster
Sachrajda, ChristopherUniversity of SouthamptonLight-Cone Distribution Amplitudes (html, pdf)talk
Simone, JamesFermilabThe decay constants fB and fD from three-flavor lattice QCD (html, pdf)poster
Simula, SilvanoINFN - Roma 3Pseudo-scalar meson form factors with maximally twisted Wilson fermions at Nf=2 (html, pdf)talk
Soni, AmarjitBrookhaven National LabChallenges of non-leptonic weak decays on the lattice (html, pdf)talk
Tantalo, NazarioINFN "Tor Vergata" & E. Fermi Center, RomeSemileptonic decays of heavy-light pseudoscalar mesons (html, pdf)talk
Tarantino, CeciliaUniversity of Rome "Roma Tre"Light quark masses and decay constants from Twisted Mass QCD with Nf=2 (html, pdf)talk
Van de Water, RuthFermilabKaon B-parameter from unquenched mixed action lattice QCD (html, pdf)talk
Wennekers, JanUniversity of EdinburghB-Bbar Mixing with Domain Wall Fermions (html, pdf)talk
Wingate, MatthewUniversity of CambridgeMoving NRQCD and $B \to K^* \gamma$ (html, pdf)talk
Wong, Kit YanUniversity of GlasgowB Semileptonic Decays at High Recoil Momentum (html, pdf)poster
Yamada, NorikazuKEKB_K with dynamical overlap fermions (html, pdf)talk
Zanotti, JamesUniversity of EdinburghK->pi form factor with 2+1 dynamical domain wall fermions (html, pdf)talk