Regensburg is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a popular tourist destination. Rooms may be hard to find, especially in the summer, so you are advised to book your hotel as early as possible.

The Regensburg tourist office has reserved a large number of hotel rooms for the conference participants. These can be booked through this link (to see the room prices, you have to select the room type and click on the arrow).

We recommend staying in the Old Town ("Altstadt"), see this map which shows the location of the Old Town, the University, and some of the hotels.

All questions regarding accommodation should be addressed to:

Sabine Teisinger
Phone: +49-941-507-3411
Fax: +49-941-507-1919

Of course, you are free to book on your own. There are a number of lower-priced (and perhaps less comfortable) options, such as