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Chiral symmetry  H8   H6H6H4 posters
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Hadron structure  H4H4 H4H3H3  posters
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Standard model parameters and renormalization    H6H6  H10 posters
Theoretical developmentsH6H6  H10    H6posters
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Algorithms and machines

Thu 12:00–14:00, location: H8, Session chair: Dirk Pleiter

Thu 12:00–12:20Michael ClarkAdaptive Multi-grid for QCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:20–12:40Martin HasenbuschHMC algorithm for two-flavour lattice QCD: Schwarz-preconditioning with a one-dimensional domain decomposition (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:40–13:00Nigel CundyDynamical overlap fermions with increased topological tunnelling (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:00–13:20Jun DoiPerformance evaluation and tuning of lattice QCD on the next generation Blue Gene (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:20–13:40Robert PetryUsing Evolutionary Algorithms to Extract Field Theory Mass Spectra (abs, pdf)

Fri 12:00–14:00, location: H6, Session chair: Martin Hasenbusch

Fri 12:00–12:20Anthony KennedySpeeding up HMC with better integrators (abs, ppt)
Fri 12:20–12:40Norman ChristComputational Requirements of the Rational Hybrid Monte Carlo Algorithm (abs, pdf)
Fri 12:40–13:00Chulwoo JungStatus of (2+1) flavor, 32^3x64 domain wall fermion simulations (abs, pdf)
Fri 13:00–13:20Yoshifumi NakamuraA status report of the QCDSF $N_f=2+1$ Project (abs, ppt)
Fri 13:20–13:40Kostas OrginosA solver for multiple right hand sides. (abs, pdf)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Abdou Abdel-RehimDeflated BiCGStab for linear equation in QCD Problems (abs, pdf)
Bastian BrandtLuescher-Weisz algorithm for excited states of the QCD flux-tube (abs, pdf)
Ivan HipInteractive Visualization Package for 4D LFTs (abs, pdf)
Dirk PleiterTowards an interoperable International Lattice Datagrid (abs, pdf)
Nils MeyerQCD on the cell processor (abs, pdf)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

Massimo Di PierroVisualization for Lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Karl JansenStout smearing for twisted mass (abs, pdf)
Atsushi NakamuraDevelopment of QCD-code on a CELL Machine (abs)
Christopher SchroederFourier Accelerating RHMC for the Overlap Top-Higgs (abs, pdf)
Oliver WitzelSpectral properties of the non-hermitean Wilson operator in the Schroedinger functional (abs)
Richard WoloshynDynamical simulations with highly improved staggered quarks (abs)
Tomoteru YoshieMarking up lattice QCD configurations and ensembles (abs, ppt)

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Applications beyond QCD

Tue 12:00–14:00, location: H6, Session chair: Wolfgang Bietenholz

Tue 12:00–12:20Julius KutiNew Higgs physics from the lattice (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:20–12:40Kieran HollandStaggered Top-Higgs models and Higgs mass bounds (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:40–13:00Daniel NogradiOverlap Top-Higgs models and Higgs mass bounds (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:00–13:20Magdalena LuzHiggs mechanism in five dimensional gauge theories (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:20–13:40Agostino PatellaBaryon currents in QCD with compact dimensions (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:40–14:00Andres Diaz-GilMagnetic phenomena at preheating. (abs, pdf)

Tue 14:30–16:30, location: H6, Session chair: Julius Kuti

Tue 14:30–14:50Simon CatterallGauge-gravity duality -- super Yang-Mills quantum mechanics (abs, pdf)
Tue 14:50–15:10Jun NishimuraPutting M theory on computer (abs, ppt)
Tue 15:10–15:30Wolfgang BietenholzSimulating U(1) gauge theory in a non-commutative space (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:30–15:50Tomomi IshikawaPhase structure of twisted Eguchi-Kawai model (abs)
Tue 15:50–16:10Francis BursaMeson masses at large N (abs, pdf)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Gregory MoraitisDetermination of the running coupling in pure SU(4) Yang-Mills theory (abs, pdf)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

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Chiral symmetry

Tue 12:00–14:00, location: H8, Session chair: Ferenc Niedermayer

Tue 12:00–12:20Ting-Wai ChiuTopological susceptibility in 2-flavor lattice QCD with fixed topololgy (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:20–12:40Tetsuya Onogi$\theta$ vacuum physics from QCD at fixed topololgy (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:40–13:00Sébastien Descotes-GenonHow far can you go ? Surprises and pitfalls in three-flavour chiral extrapolations (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:00–13:20Christof GattringerSymmetries of left-handed lattice fermions (abs)
Tue 13:20–13:40Thomas StreuerSimulating a gauge action from the Overlap Operator with RHMC (abs)
Tue 13:40–14:00Takuya YagiI=2 pi-pi scattering length with dynamical overlap fermion (abs, ppt)

Thu 12:00–14:00, location: H6, Session chair: John Negele

Thu 12:00–12:20Artan BoriciA Schur Complement Approach to Chiral Fermions (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:20–12:40Stephan DurrThe art of smearing (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:40–13:00Oliver BaerThe vector and axial vector current in Wilson ChPT (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:00–13:20Kenji OgawaDynamical fermion simulation with the optimal domain-wall fermion (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:20–13:40Luigi ScorzatoResults from overlap valence quarks on a twisted mass sea (abs, pdf)

Thu 14:30–16:30, location: H6, Session chair: Ting-Wai Chiu

Thu 14:30–14:50Hidenori FukayaMeson correlators of two-flavor lattice QCD in the epsilon-regime (abs, ppt)
Thu 14:50–15:10D. J. CecileModeling pion physics in the $\epsilon$-regime of two-flavor QCD using lattice field theory (abs)
Thu 15:10–15:30Dieter Hierl2+1 flavor QCD with the fixed point action in the $\epsilon$-regime (abs, pdf)

Fri 12:00–14:00, location: H4, Session chair: Tom DeGrand

Fri 12:00–12:20Stefano CapitaniChiral violations from one-loop domain wall fermions (abs, pdf)
Fri 12:20–12:40John NegeleOscillatory terms in the Domain Wall Transfer matrix for M > 1 (abs, pdf)
Fri 12:40–13:00Roman HöllwieserSurprises with the lattice index theorem (abs, pdf)
Fri 13:00–13:20Marina DoratiChiral Perturbation Theory and the first moments of the Generalized Parton Distributions in a Nucleon (abs, pdf)
Fri 13:20–13:40Philipp GerholdThe phase structure of a chirally invariant lattice Higgs-Yukawa model (abs, pdf)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Damir BecirevicUse and Misuse of Chiral Perturbation Theory for Lattice QCD (abs)
Markus PakParametrized blocking of left-handed fermion actions from the continuum (abs)
Andrea ShindlerExploring the epsilon regime with twisted mass fermions (abs)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

Wolfgang BietenholzSchwinger model simulations with dynamical overlap fermions (abs, pdf)
Thomas DeGrandThe complete lowest order chiral Lagrangian from a little box (abs, pdf)

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Hadron spectroscopy

Mon 12:00–14:00, location: H3, Session chair: Roberto Frezzotti

Mon 12:00–12:20Constantia AlexandrouBaryon masses with dynamical twisted mass fermions (abs, pdf)
Mon 12:20–12:40Christian LangDynamical Chirally Improved Quarks: First Results for Baryon Masses (abs, pdf, ppt)
Mon 12:40–13:00Naoya UkitaLight hadron spectrum with 2+1 flavor QCD with O(a)-improved Wilson quarks (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:00–13:20Jun NoakiLight meson spectrum with $N_f=2$ dynamical overlap fermions (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:20–13:40Adam LichtlExcited Nucleon Resonances from the Lattice (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:40–14:00Jimmy JugeGroup Theoretical Construction of Baryon Operators using All-to-All Quark Propagators (abs, pdf)

Mon 14:30–16:30, location: H3, Session chair: Laurent Lellouch

Mon 14:30–14:50Miho KomaRelativistic correction to the static potential at O(1/m) (abs, pdf)
Mon 14:50–15:10Yoshiaki KomaDetermination of the velocity-dependent potentials at $O(1/m^2)$ (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:10–15:30Tung-Han HsiehPutting Dirac b quark on the lattice (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:30–15:50Damiano GuazziniNon-perturbative renormalization of the chromo-magnetic operator in HQET and the $B^{\ast}-B$ mass splitting (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:50–16:10Kazuhiro NagataStaggered Diquarks for Singly Heavy Baryons (abs, ppt)

Tue 12:00–14:00, location: H3, Session chair: Andreas Kronfeld

Tue 12:00–12:20Min LiCharm spectroscopy on dynamical 2+1 flavor domain wall fermion lattices with a relativistic heavy quark action (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:20–12:40Heechang NaCharm and bottom heavy baryon mass spectrum from lattice QCD with 2+1 (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:40–13:00Christian Ehmanncharmonium spectrum including higher spin and exotic states (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:00–13:20Ludmila LevkovaEffects of the disconnected flavor singlet corrections on the hyperfine splitting in charmonium (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:20–13:40Mehmet Oktay$D_s$ spectrum from $N_f=2$ anisotropic lattices (abs, pdf)

Tue 14:30–16:30, location: H3, Session chair: Shoichi Sasaki

Tue 14:30–14:50Eigo ShintaniPion mass difference from vacuum polarization (abs, ppt)
Tue 14:50–15:10Kiyoshi SasakiPhase Shift Analysis of I=2 Two-Pion System with Attention to Interaction Range (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:10–15:30Andrew NolanGlueball spectroscopy from Nf=2 anisotropic lattice QCD. (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:30–15:50George FlemingExcited State Effective Masses (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:50–16:10Roberto FrezzottiScaling of hadronic observables in QCD with Nf=2 maximally twisted Wilson quarks (abs, pdf)
Tue 16:10–16:30Shao-Jing DongFinite ma Errors in Overlap Fermions (abs, pdf)

Wed 07:00–08:20, location: H3, Session chair: Christian Lang

Wed 07:00–07:20Stefan SchaeferDynamical simulations with HYP-link Wilson fermions (abs, pdf)
Wed 07:20–07:40Roland HoffmannNon-perturbative improvement of nHYP smeared Wilson fermions (abs, ppt)
Wed 07:40–08:00Taku IzubuchiDynamical QCD simulation with $\theta$ terms (abs, pdf)
Wed 08:00–08:20Huey-Wen LinParameter Tuning of Three-Flavor Dynamical Anisotropic Clover Action (abs, ppt)

Wed 08:40–10:00, location: H3, Session chair: Claude Bernard

Wed 08:40–09:00Chris MichaelNeutral mesons and disconnected diagrams in Twisted Mass QCD (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:00–09:20Christopher AubinTaste violations in the scalar correlator in mixed action simulations (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:20–09:40Stefan KriegMixed action simulations: approaching physical quark masses (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:40–10:00Eric GregoryPseudoscalar flavor-singlet physics with staggered fermions (abs, pdf)

Fri 12:00–14:00, location: H3, Session chair: Constantia Alexandrou

Fri 12:00–12:20Meifeng LinProbing the Chiral Limit in 2+1 Flavor Domain Wall Fermion QCD (abs, pdf)
Fri 12:20–12:40Gerrit SchierholzProbing the chiral limit with clover fermions I: The meson sector (abs, pdf)
Fri 12:40–13:00Dirk PleiterProbing the chiral limit with clover fermions II: The baryon sector (abs, pdf)
Fri 13:00–13:20Laurent LellouchChiral behavior of pseudo-Goldstone boson masses and decay constants in $2+1$ flavor QCD (abs)
Fri 13:20–13:40Gregorio HerdoizaQuark mass dependence of the pion mass and decay constant using $N_{\rm f}=2$ maximally twisted fermions (abs, pdf)

Fri 14:30–16:30, location: H3, Session chair: Taku Izubuchi

Fri 14:30–14:50Federico FarchioniQCD with one quark flavor: I. Numerical simulations and hadron spectrum (abs, pdf)
Fri 14:50–15:10Tobias SudmannQCD with one quark flavor: II. Analysis and chiral perturbation theory (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:10–15:30Shoichi SasakiIdentification of shallow two-body bound states in finite volume (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:30–15:50Abdullah Shams Bin TariqRevisiting the pentaquark episode for lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:50–16:10Daisuke KadohApplication of Wilson chiral perturbation theory to 2+1 flavor lattice QCD with O(a)-improved Wilson quarks (abs, ppt)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Claude BernardStatus of the MILC light pseudoscalar meson project (abs, pdf)
Tommy BurchB meson excitations with CI light quarks (abs, pdf)
Shoji HashimotoDynamical simulation with 2+1 flavors of overlap light quarks (abs)
Jonna KoponenP- and D-wave spin-orbit splittings in heavy-light measons (abs, pdf)
Daniel MohlerMeson spectroscopy with derivative quark sources (abs, pdf)
Doug ToussaintBaryon masses with $a_{tad}^2$ staggered quarks (abs, pdf)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

Taegil BaePion multiplet spectrum with improved staggered fermions (abs)
Julia DanzerExcited state spectroscopy in the Gross-Neveu model for dynamical fermions (abs, pdf)
Jenifer Gonzalez LopezCut-off effects for Overlap and Wilson Twisted Mass Fermions at tree-level of Perturbation Theory (abs, pdf)
Martin HetzeneggerExcited mesons on dynamical clover-Wilson lattices (abs, pdf)
Martina JoerglerThe eigenvalue spectrum for dynamical chirally improved fermions (abs)
Chuan LiuStudy of Hadron Scattering Using an Asymmetric Box (abs, pdf)

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Hadron structure

Tue 12:00–14:00, location: H4, Session chair: Tommy Burch

Tue 12:00–12:20Wolfram SchroersNucleon electromagnetic form factors with Wilson fermions (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:20–12:40Takeshi YamazakiNucleon form factors with $N_f$=2+1 domain wall fermions (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:40–13:00Ronald BabichStrange quark contribution to nucleon form factors (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:00–13:20Sara CollinsDisconnected contributions to hadronic structure (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:20–13:40Antonios TsapalisNucleon Axial and Nucleon-to-Delta Axial Transition Form Factors from Lattice QCD (abs, ppt)
Tue 13:40–14:00Tomasz KorzecElectromagnetic form factors of Delta baryons (abs, pdf)

Tue 14:30–16:30, location: H4, Session chair: Michael Engelhardt

Tue 14:30–14:50Giannis KoutsouMeson form factors using four point functions (abs, pdf)
Tue 14:50–15:10Zhaofeng LiuMoments of meson distribution functions with dynamical twisted mass fermions (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:10–15:30Roger HorsleyDistribution Amplitudes of Vector Mesons (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:30–15:50Paul RakowThe Operator Product Expansion on the lattice (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:50–16:10Shigemi OhtaNucleon structure functions with \(N_f=2+1\) dynamical domain-wall fermions (abs, pdf)
Tue 16:10–16:30Frank X. LeeMagnetic Moments of Vector Mesons in the Background Field Method (abs, ppt)

Wed 08:40–10:00, location: H4, Session chair: Roger Horsley

Wed 08:40–09:00Takashi KanekoPion form factor from all-to-all propagators of overlap quarks (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:00–09:20Pai-hsien Jennifer HsuThe Pion Form Factor at Large Momentum Transfer (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:20–09:40Dirk BrömmelStructure of the pion from lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:40–10:00Harvey MeyerThe glue content of the pion (abs, pdf)

Thu 12:00–14:00, location: H3, Session chair: Paul Rakow

Thu 12:00–12:20Dru RennerGeneralized parton distributions from domain wall valence quarks and staggered sea quarks (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:20–12:40Munehisa OhtaniMoments of generalized parton distributions and quark angular momentum of the nucleon (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:40–13:00Nikolaus WarkentinMoments of leading-twist and next-to-leading twist nucleon distribution amplitudes. (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:00–13:20Thomas Kaltenbrunnerirreducible three quark operators for LQCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:20–13:40Hidekatsu NemuraHyperon-nucleon potentials from lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:40–14:00Noriyoshi IshiiLattice QCD approach to nuclear force (abs, pdf)

Thu 14:30–16:30, location: H3, Session chair: Shigemi Ohta

Thu 14:30–14:50Michael EngelhardtElectric polarizability of the neutron in dynamical quark ensembles (abs, pdf)
Thu 14:50–15:10Keh-Fei LiuNeutron Electric Dipole Moment at Fixed Topology (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:10–15:30Marco CristoforettiExploring the Chiral Regime of QCD in the Interacting Instanton Liquid Model (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:30–15:50Bernhard MuschTransverse Momentum Distributions of Quarks from the Lattice using Extended Gauge Links (abs, pdf)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Walter WilcoxVacuum Expectation Values of Twisted Mass Fermion Operators (abs, pdf)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

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Nonzero temperature and density

Mon 12:00–14:00, location: H2, Session chair: Urs Heller

Mon 12:00–12:20Balint TothQCD finite T transition with wilson fermions (abs, pdf)
Mon 12:20–12:40Sandor KatzThe QCD transition temperature (abs, pdf)
Mon 12:40–13:00Yusuke NamekawaThermodynamics of $N_f=2$ QCD on anisotropic lattices (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:00–13:20Jan van der HeideThermodynamics of 2+1 flavour QCD (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:20–13:40Owe PhilipsenThe chiral critical point of $N_f=3$ QCD: towards the continuum (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:40–14:00Pavlos VranasThe two flavor Nt=8 QCD thermal transition with DWF. (abs, pdf)

Mon 14:30–16:30, location: H2, Session chair: Edwin Laermann

Mon 14:30–14:50Vitaly BornyakovFinite temperature LQCD with two flavors of improved Wilson fermions (abs, pdf)
Mon 14:50–15:10Volker WeinbergExploring the chiral phase transition of N_f=2 flavour QCD with valence overlap fermions (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:10–15:30Rajan GuptaThe QCD transition temperature from simulations on BlueGene L Supercomputer at LLNL (abs, ppt)
Mon 15:30–15:50Carleton DeTarToward an improved determination of $T_c$ with 2+1 flavors of Asqtad fermions (abs, ppt)
Mon 15:50–16:10Gergely EndrodiThe nature of the finite temperature QCD transition as a function of the quark masses (abs, pdf)
Mon 16:10–16:30Bertram KleinFinite Size Scaling for the O(N) universality class from Renormalization Group Methods (abs, pdf)

Tue 12:00–14:00, location: H2, Session chair: Bernd Berg

Tue 12:00–12:20Kalman SzaboThe equation of state at high temperatures from lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:20–12:40Joyce MyersNew Phases of Finite Temperature Gauge Theory from an Extended Action (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:40–13:00Michael OgilvieExploring Partially Confined Phases (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:00–13:20Oleg BorisenkoCritical behaviour of 3D U(1) LGT at finite temperature (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:20–13:40Jack LiddleThe spatial string tension and dimensional reduction in QCD. (abs, pdf)

Tue 14:30–16:30, location: H2, Session chair: Maria Paola Lombardo

Tue 14:30–14:50Philippe de ForcrandA QCD critical point at small chemical potential: is it there or not? (abs, pdf)
Tue 14:50–15:10Christa GuseCurvature of the phase transition line in the $\mu$-T plane (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:10–15:30Shinji EjiriStudy of the critical point in lattice QCD at high temperature and density (abs, ppt)
Tue 15:30–15:50Urs M. HellerThe equation of state with nonzero chemical potential for 2+1 flavors (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:50–16:10Urs WengerThe phase diagram of QCD at finite isospin density (abs, pdf)
Tue 16:10–16:30Alessandra FeoA Model for QCD at High Density and Large Quark Mass (abs, pdf)

Wed 07:00–08:20, location: H2, Session chair: Kurt Langfeld

Wed 07:00–07:20Maxim ChernodubTopological defects and equation of state of gluon plasma (abs, pdf)
Wed 07:20–07:40Kay HuebnerCorrelations of chiral condensates and quark number with static quark sources (abs, pdf)
Wed 07:40–08:00Bernd BergSU3 Deconfining Phase Transition in a Box with Cold Boundaries (abs, pdf)
Wed 08:00–08:20Sodbileg ChagdaaFlux tube profiles at finite temperature (abs, pdf)

Wed 08:40–10:00, location: H2, Session chair: Peter Petreczky

Wed 08:40–09:00Jacques BlochAn iterative method to compute the overlap Dirac operator at nonzero chemical potential (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:00–09:20Massimo D'EliaEta prime mass across the chiral phase transition (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:20–09:40Andrei AlexandruFinite density simulations using a determinant estimator (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:40–10:00Wolfgang SöldnerThe Polyakov Loop and the Eigenvalues of the Dirac Operator (abs, pdf)

Thu 12:00–14:00, location: H2, Session chair: Philippe de Forcrand

Thu 12:00–12:20Jon-Ivar SkullerudCharmonium properties in the quark-gluon plasma (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:20–12:40Peter PetreczkyQuarkonium correlators at finite temperature and potential models (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:40–13:00Takashi UmedaStudy of constant mode in charmonium correlators at finite temperature (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:00–13:20Masakiyo KitazawaSpectral Properties of Quarks in the Quark-Gluon Plasma (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:20–13:40Konstantin PetrovEntropy and Internal energy of Heavy quark-anti-quark pair (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:40–14:00Michael ChengCharm Quarks and the QCD Equation of State (abs, pdf)

Thu 14:30–16:30, location: H2, Session chair: Carleton DeTar

Thu 14:30–14:50Yu MaezawaThermodynamics and heavy-quark free energies at finite temperature and density with two flavors of improved Wilson quarks (abs)
Thu 14:50–15:10Rossella FalconeScreening masses in the SU(3) pure gauge theory and universality (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:10–15:30Swagato MukherjeeScreening masses of mesons in 2+1 flavour QCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:30–15:50Miao ChuanBulk Thermodynamics at non-vanishing baryon density (abs)
Thu 15:50–16:10Maria Paola LombardoGlueballs and mesons in the superfluid phase of two color QCD (abs)

Fri 12:00–14:00, location: H2, Session chair: Shinji Ejiri

Fri 12:00–12:20Christian SchmidtCharge fluctuations and correlations in QCD at zero and non-zero density (abs, pdf)
Fri 12:20–12:40Kohtaroh MiuraMeson spectrum in the SU(3) phase of finite temperature and finite density in the strong coupling lattice QCD (abs, ppt)
Fri 12:40–13:00Mario GravinaUniversality and massive excitations in 3d 3-state Potts model (abs, pdf)
Fri 13:00–13:20Donald SinclairPhase Quenched Lattice QCD at Finite Density and Temperature (abs, pdf)
Fri 13:20–13:40Anyi LiOptimizing the Canonical Approach to Finite Density QCD (abs, ppt)
Fri 13:40–14:00Peter SitchThe Hadronic Spectrum of 2-colour QCD at Non-zero Chemical Potential (abs, pdf)

Fri 14:30–16:30, location: H2, Session chair: Owe Philipsen

Fri 14:30–14:50Leonid ShifrinThe distributions of individual Dirac eigenvalues for QCD at non-zero chemical potential: RMT predictions and Lattice results (abs, pdf)
Fri 14:50–15:10Kurt LangfeldWorldline Approach to Chiral Fermions on the Lattice (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:10–15:30Ludovit LiptakThermodynamical quantities for chiral lattice fermions with chemical potential (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:30–15:50Yoshimasa HidakaModel study of the sign problem in the mean-field approximation (abs)
Fri 15:50–16:10Kenji FukushimaSign problem in two-color two-flavor QCD with quark and isospin chemical potentials (abs, pdf)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Gernot AkemannDetermination of F_pi from Individual Dirac Operator Eigenvalues (abs, pdf)
Alex DougallHigh density effective theory on the lattice (abs)
Pietro GiudiceCan we study Quark Matter in the Quenched Approximation? (abs, pdf)
Ari HietanenQuark number susceptibility of high temperature and finite density QCD (abs)
Olaf KaczmarekRenormalization of Polyakov loops in fundamental and higher representations (abs, pdf)
Aleksi KurkelaZ(3)-symmetric effective theory of hot QCD (abs, pdf)
Jens LangelageStrong coupling expansion for Yang-Mills theory at finite temperature (abs)
Sunao SakaiLattice calculation of the QGP viscosities - Present results and Next Project - (abs, pdf)
Marcus TasslerWilson loop in classical lattice gauge theory and the thermal width of heavy quarkonium (abs)
Lars ZeidlewiczTwisted mass QCD at finite temperature (abs, pdf)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

Simone ConradiAnalytic continuation of the phase of the fermionic determinant. (abs)
Edwin LaermannImproving bulk QCD thermodynamics on the lattice (abs)
Tereza MendezUniversality and Scaling at the chiral transition in two-flavor QCD at finite temperature (abs)
Alessandro PapaAnalytic continuation of the critical line in 2-color QCD at nonzero temperature and density (abs, pdf)
Claudio PicaA test of first order scaling in Nf=2 QCD (abs, pdf)
Kari RummukainenQCD plasma instability and thermalisation at heavy ion collisions (abs, pdf)
Tetsuya TakaishiSimulations of one-flavor QCD at finite temperature by RHMC (abs)
Christian TorreroFour-loop NSPT result for a 3d condensate-contribution to hot QCD pressure (abs)

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Standard model parameters and renormalization

Wed 07:00–08:20, location: H6, Session chair: Stefan Sint

Wed 07:00–07:20Shinji TakedaAutomatic generation of vertices for the Schroedinger functional (abs, pdf)
Wed 07:20–07:40Holger PerltPerturbative determination of csw with Symanzik improved gauge action and stout smearing (abs, pdf)
Wed 07:40–08:00Petros DimopoulosRenormalisation Constants of Bilinear Quark Operators with Nf=2 Maximally Twisted Mass Fermions (abs, pdf)
Wed 08:00–08:20Georg von HippelUnquenching Effects on the Coefficients of the L\"uscher-Weisz Action (abs, pdf)

Wed 08:40–10:00, location: H6, Session chair: Hartmut Wittig

Wed 08:40–09:00Stefan SintSchr\"odinger functional renormalization schemes for domain wall quarks (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:00–09:20Paula Perez RubioThe SF running coupling with four flavours of staggered quarks (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:20–09:40Yousuke NakamuraNon-perturbative renormalization of four-quark operators and $B_K$ with Schr\"{o}dinger functional scheme in quenched domain-wall QCD (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:40–10:00Elizabeth FreelandHeavy-Quark Masses from Three-Flavor Lattice QCD (abs, pdf)

Fri 12:00–14:00, location: H10, Session chair: Francesco Di Renzo

Fri 12:00–12:20Jochen HeitgerA strategy for performing non-perturbative computations in HQET with dynamical light quarks (abs, pdf)
Fri 12:20–12:40Patrick FritzschNon-perturbative relation between the bare and the RGI heavy quark mass in finite-volume two-flavour QCD (abs, pdf)
Fri 12:40–13:00Nicolas GarronF_B at the 1/m order of HQET (abs, pdf)
Fri 13:00–13:20Enno E. ScholzQuark mass determination from 2+1 flavor domain wall fermion simulations (abs, pdf)
Fri 13:20–13:40Andre SternbeckAlpha_s from the ghost-gluon vertex in Landau gauge (abs)
Fri 13:40–14:00Rainer SommerPreparing for $N_f=2$ simulations at small lattice spacings (abs, pdf)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Emel DalgicProgress on Perturbative Matching Calculations for the Charm Quark Mass using HISQ Action using the HISQ action (abs)
Francesco Di RenzoHigh loop renormalization constants by NSPT: a status report (abs, pdf)
Aida El-KhadraPerturbative matching of heavy-light currents at one-loop (abs)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

Martha ConstantinouThe three-loop $\beta$ function of SU(N) lattice gauge theories with Overlap fermions (abs, pdf)
Arwed SchillerThe lattice gluon propagator in stochastic perturbation theory (abs, pdf)
Apostolos SkouroupathisHigher loop renormalization of fermion bilinear operators (abs)

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Theoretical developments

Mon 12:00–14:00, location: H6, Session chair: Richard Brower

Mon 12:00–12:20Maarten GoltermanEffective field theories for rooted staggered fermions (abs, ppt)
Mon 12:20–12:40Marco PaneroSymmetry transitions in SU(2) staggered Dirac spectra (abs, pdf)
Mon 12:40–13:00Jan Martin PawlowskiOn Majorana fermions on the lattice (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:00–13:20Giancarlo RossiO($a^2$) cutoff effects in Wilson fermion simulations (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:20–13:40Yannick MeuriceFisher's Zeros and Perturbative Series in Gluodynamics (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:40–14:00Stam NicolisLayered Phase Investigations (abs, pdf)

Mon 14:30–16:30, location: H6, Session chair: Andreas Wipf

Mon 14:30–14:50Ulli WolffCluster simulation of two-dimensional relativistic fermions (abs, pdf)
Mon 14:50–15:10Björn LederTest of the Schroedinger functional with chiral fermions in the Gross-Neveu model (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:10–15:30Herbert NeubergerUniversal properties of large N phase transitions in Wilson loops (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:30–15:50Michael TeperThe running of the bare coupling in SU(N) gauge theories (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:50–16:10Helvio VairinhosStructure and properties of the vacuum of the Twisted Eguchi-Kawai model (abs, pdf)

Wed 07:00–08:20, location: H10, Session chair: Simon Catterall

Wed 07:00–07:20Jan VolkholzSupersymmetry on the Fuzzy Sphere (abs, pdf)
Wed 07:20–07:40Alessandro D'AddaExact lattice supersymmetry in a non-commutative framework (abs)
Wed 07:40–08:00Issaku KanamoriNumerical results of two-dimensinoal N=(2,2) super Yang-Mills theory (abs, pdf)
Wed 08:00–08:20Kazuhiro NagataLattice Formulation of N=4 D=3 Twisted Super Yang-Mills (abs, ppt)

Fri 14:30–16:30, location: H6, Session chair: Mike Teper

Fri 14:30–14:50Hans J. PirnerThe Solution of Light Cone QCD on the Lattice (abs, ppt)
Fri 14:50–15:10Richard C. BrowerHigh energy scattering in AdS dual to QCD (abs, ppt)
Fri 15:10–15:30Tomohisa TakimiLattice Formulation of Two Dimensional Topological Field Theory (abs, ppt)
Fri 15:30–15:50Mikhail Zubkov10 TEV monopoles and topology of the Standard Model (abs, ppt)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Sergio ArianosLattice supersymmetry and non commutative geometry (abs, pdf)
Joel GiedtStaggered fermion power-counting (abs)
Tobias KästnerLow-dimensional Supersymmetric Lattice Models (abs, pdf)
Jongjeong KimNature of logarithmic divergence in one loop lattice Feynman integrals (abs, pdf)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

Markus LimmerMonte-Carlo simulation of the lattice Gross-Neveu model: standard representation vs. fermion loops (abs, pdf)
Kei-ichi NagaiThe two flavour Schwinger model: the scalar condensate and the eigenvalue saturation of the pion propagator (abs)
Costas StrouthosThe phases of three dimensional QED (abs)
Terry E. TomboulisImproved actions and lattice coarsening effects in MCRG studies in SU(2) LGT (abs, pdf)

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Vacuum structure and confinement

Mon 12:00–14:00, location: H10, Session chair: Hugo Reinhardt

Mon 12:00–12:20Anna HasenfratzThe impact of localized overlap eigenmodes on RMT measurements and topology (abs, pdf)
Mon 12:20–12:40Christian HagenComplete spectra of the staggered Dirac operator and their relation to Polyakov loops (abs, pdf)
Mon 12:40–13:00Stefan SolbrigQuantitative comparison of filtering methods in lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:00–13:20Ernst-Michael IlgenfritzLocalization of overlap eigenmodes and topological charge and center vortices in the SU(3) vacuum (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:20–13:40Elena LuschevskayaStudy of the topological structure of SU(2) gluodynamics vacuum with overlap fermions and improved action at T>0. (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:40–14:00Fedor GubarevOn the structure of QCD confining string (abs, pdf)

Mon 14:30–16:30, location: H10, Session chair: Michael Müller-Preussker

Mon 14:30–14:50Christian FischerLarge volume behaviour of Yang-Mills propagators (abs, pdf)
Mon 14:50–15:10Reinhard AlkoferDynamically induced scalar quark confinement: A link between chiral symmtry breaking and confinement (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:10–15:30Attilio CucchieriWhat's up with IR gluon and ghost propagators in Landau gauge? An answer from huge lattices (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:30–15:50Kai SchwenzerLower dimensional Yang-Mills theory as a laboratory to study the infrared regime (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:50–16:10Markus QuandtCoulomb gauge Green functions and Gribov copies in SU(2) lattice gauge theory (abs, pdf)
Mon 16:10–16:30Sadataka FuruiRoles of the quark field in the infrared lattice Coulomb gauge and Landau gauge QCD (abs, pdf)

Tue 12:00–14:00, location: H10, Session chair: Jeff Greensite

Tue 12:00–12:20Mikhail PolikarpovRigidity of center vortices. (abs, pdf)
Tue 12:20–12:40Tsuneo SuzukiGauge independence of Abelian confinement mechansim in SU(2) gluodynamics (abs, ppt)
Tue 12:40–13:00Alan O'CaisCentre Vortices in SU(3) (abs)
Tue 13:00–13:20Giuseppe BurgioVortex topology and the continuum limit of lattice gauge theories (abs, pdf)
Tue 13:20–13:40Toru SekidoStudy of the structure of the QCD vacuum with valence overlap fermions and monopoles. (abs, ppt)
Tue 13:40–14:00Giuseppe LacagninaAn update in monopole condensation in two-flavour Adjoint QCD (abs, pdf)

Tue 14:30–16:30, location: H10, Session chair: Reinhard Alkofer

Tue 14:30–14:50Hugo ReinhardtHamilton approach to Yang-Mills theory in Coulomb gauge (abs)
Tue 14:50–15:10Jeff GreensiteYang-Mills Ground State in 2+1 Dimensions and Temporal Gauge (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:10–15:30Paulo SilvaInfrared exponents of gluon and ghost propagators from Lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:30–15:50Orlando OliveiraSU(2) meets SU(3) in lattice-Landau-gauge gluon and ghost propagators (abs, pdf)
Tue 15:50–16:10Neda SadooghiModified Coulomb potential of QED in a strong magnetic field (abs, pdf, ppt)
Tue 16:10–16:30Harald MarkumInstantons in Two-Dimensional Noncommutative U(1) Gauge Theory (abs, pdf)

Wed 08:40–10:00, location: H10, Session chair: Tsuneo Suzuki

Wed 08:40–09:00Leonardo GiustiTheta dependence of the vacuum energy in the SU(3) gauge theory from the lattice (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:00–09:20James HetrickThe 2+1 flavor topological susceptibility from the asqtad action at 0.06 fm (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:20–09:40Adriano Di GiacomoDisorder parameter for confinement and vacuum field strength correlators. (abs, pdf)
Wed 09:40–10:00Ferdinando GliozziConfining vacua and Q-state Potts models wit Q<1 (abs, pdf)

Thu 12:00–14:00, location: H10, Session chair: Mikhail Polikarpov

Thu 12:00–12:20Barak BringoltzStrings in SU(N) gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions: beyond the fundamental representation (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:20–12:40Pushan MajumdarSubleading properties of the QCD flux-tube in 3-d lattice gauge theory (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:40–13:00Michele CaselleEffective string theory description of the interface free energy. (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:00–13:20Pietro GiudiceThe Conformal anomaly of k-strings (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:20–13:40Andreas AthenodorouThe spectrum of closed loops of fundamental flux in D=2+1 SU(N) gauge theories. (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:40–14:00Akihiro ShibataToward gauge-independent study of color confinement in SU(3) Yang-Mills theory (abs, pdf)

Thu 14:30–16:30, location: H10, Session chair: Adriano Di Giacomo

Thu 14:30–14:50Yoshiyuki NakagawaColor confinement and the Faddeev-Popov ghosts in Coulomb gauge QCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 14:50–15:10Takuya SaitoLong-distance color-dependent quark potentials in the Coulomb gauge QCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:10–15:30Marco CardosoStatic potential for the quark-antiquark-gluon hybrid system in lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:30–15:50Paolo GrinzaOn the ratio of string tensions in the 3D Z_4 lattice gauge theory (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:50–16:10Marc WagnerFermionic fields in the pseudoparticle approach (abs, pdf)
Thu 16:10–16:30Alessio D'AlessandroConfining properties of two-color QCD at finite density (abs, pdf)

Fri 14:30–16:30, location: H10, Session chair: Anna Hasenfratz

Fri 14:30–14:50Alfonso SastreAdjoint zero-modes of the Dirac operator as a tool for the understanding of the Yang-Mills vacuum (abs)
Fri 14:50–15:10Terry TomboulisDeriving confinement via RG decimations (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:10–15:30Guido CossuConfinement: G(2) group case (abs)
Fri 15:30–15:50Stefano LottiniUniversal properties of the confining string in the random percolation model (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:50–16:10Thomas NeuhausPure Gauge Compact QED in the Ice Limit (abs, pdf)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Bartolome Alles SalomNumerical Study of the mass spectrum in the O(3) sigma model with a theta term (abs, pdf)
Erek BilgiciCollective response of Dirac and Laplace eigenvalues to changing boundary conditions (abs)
Thorsten KurthPrecision Study of the Topological Susceptibility in the Continuum (abs, pdf)
Paulo SilvaGauge fixing methods and Gribov copies effects in lattice QCD (abs)
Alexandr VeselovLattice study of monopoles in the Electroweak theory. (abs, pdf)
Anthony G. WilliamsComparing SU(2) to SU(3) gluodynamics on large lattices (abs)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

Igor BogolubskyLandau-gauge gluon and ghost propagators in 4D SU(3) gluodynamics on large lattice volumes (abs)
Leonardo CosmaiPerturbing QCD with external fields (abs, pdf)
Michael Muller-PreusskerLattice Landau gauge gluon propagator: an SU(2) investigation with improved gauge fixing (abs, pdf)
Orlando OliveiraThe gluon propagator from large asymmetric lattices (abs)
Aiko VoigtCoulomb gauge studies of SU(3) Yang-Mills theory on the lattice (abs, pdf)
Christian Wozar$Z_3$-Polyakov-loop models and inverse Monte-Carlo method (abs, pdf)

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Weak decays and matrix elements

Mon 12:00–14:00, location: H4, Session chair: Amarjit Soni

Mon 12:00–12:20Changhoan Kim$\Delta I=1/2$ $K \rightarrow \pi\pi$ decays at next-to-leading order in chiral perturbation theory (abs, pdf)
Mon 12:20–12:40Matthew Lightman$K \to \pi \pi$ Amplitudes at Unphysical Kinematics Using Domain Wall Fermions (abs, pdf)
Mon 12:40–13:00Robert MawhinneyKaon Weak Matrix Elements in 2+1 flavor DWF QCD: UV subtractions and chiral behavior (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:00–13:20Shu LiKaon Weak Matrix Elements in 2+1 flavor DWF QCD: Renormalization and physical values (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:20–13:40James ZanottiK->pi form factor with 2+1 dynamical domain wall fermions (abs, pdf)
Mon 13:40–14:00Silvano SimulaPseudo-scalar meson form factors with maximally twisted Wilson fermions at Nf=2 (abs, pdf)

Mon 14:30–16:30, location: H4, Session chair: Paul Mackenzie

Mon 14:30–14:50David AdamsRenormalization group evolution for the $\Delta S=1$ effective Hamiltonian with 3 quark flavors (abs)
Mon 14:50–15:10Paul CooneyNucleon Decay Constants from 2+1 Flavour Domain Wall Fermions (abs)
Mon 15:10–15:30Takumi DoiSigma meson contribution in the $\Delta I = 1/2$ rule (abs, ppt)
Mon 15:30–15:50Arifa Ali KhanDecays of mesons with charm quarks on the lattice (abs, pdf)
Mon 15:50–16:10Christopher SachrajdaLight-Cone Distribution Amplitudes (abs, pdf)
Mon 16:10–16:30Cecilia TarantinoLight quark masses and decay constants from Twisted Mass QCD with Nf=2 (abs, pdf)

Wed 07:00–08:20, location: H4, Session chair: Matthew Wingate

Wed 07:00–07:20Pilar HernandezWeak low-energy couplings from topological zero-mode wavefunctions (abs, pdf)
Wed 07:20–07:40Benoit BlossierTwisted mass QCD in the charm sector (abs, pdf)
Wed 07:40–08:00Eduardo FollanaHigh precision determination of the D and Ds decay constants and masses from lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Wed 08:00–08:20Benjamin HaasImproving the extraction of the semileptonic form factors from LQCD (abs, pdf)

Thu 12:00–14:00, location: H4, Session chair: Chris Sachrajda

Thu 12:00–12:20Yasumichi AokiHeavy-light matrix elements in static limit with domain wall fermions (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:20–12:40Jack Laiho$B \rightarrow D^* l \nu$ with 2+1 flavors (abs, pdf)
Thu 12:40–13:00Matthew WingateMoving NRQCD and $B \to K^* \gamma$ (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:00–13:20Hiroshi OhkiHigh precision study of $B^*B\pi$ coupling in unquenched QCD (abs, ppt)
Thu 13:20–13:40Paul Mackenzie$B\rightarrow \pi l \nu$ decay in unquenched QCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 13:40–14:00Amarjit SoniChallenges of non-leptonic weak decays on the lattice (abs, ppt)

Thu 14:30–16:30, location: H4, Session chair: Pilar Hernandez

Thu 14:30–14:50Saul Cohen$B_K$ on 2+1-flavor Iwasaki DWF lattices (abs, pdf)
Thu 14:50–15:10Dave AntonioThe Kaon B-parameter from Domain Wall Fermions (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:10–15:30Norikazu YamadaB_K with dynamical overlap fermions (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:30–15:50Ruth Van de WaterKaon B-parameter from unquenched mixed action lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 15:50–16:10Mauro PapinuttoNon-perturbative renormalization of static-light four-fermion operators in quenched lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Thu 16:10–16:30Filippo PalombiPreliminary non-perturbative results of the B_s mixing parameter in the static limit from quenched tmQCD (abs, pdf)

Fri 14:30–16:30, location: H4, Session chair: Robert Mawhinney

Fri 14:30–14:50Thomas DumitrescuThe Static Approximation to B Meson Mixing using Light Domain Wall Fermions: Perturbative Renormalization and Ground State Degeneracies (abs, pdf)
Fri 14:50–15:10Elvira GamizA Determination of the $B^0_s$ and $B^0_d$ mixing parameters in $2+1$ lattice QCD (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:10–15:30David LinComplete set of $\Delta B = 2$ and $\Delta C = 2$ Matrix elements in heavy meson chiral perturbation (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:30–15:50Nazario TantaloSemileptonic decays of heavy-light pseudoscalar mesons (abs, pdf)
Fri 15:50–16:10Jan WennekersB-Bbar Mixing with Domain Wall Fermions (abs, pdf)

Poster session A: Tue 18:30–19:30

Christine DaviesB_s and B_d mixing in full lattice QCD using NRQCD b quarks (abs, pdf)
James SimoneThe decay constants fB and fD from three-flavor lattice QCD (abs)
Kit Yan WongB Semileptonic Decays at High Recoil Momentum (abs)

Poster session B: Tue 19:30–20:30

Jonathan FlynnElastic $s$-wave scattering phase shifts and $|V_{ub}|$ from lattice calculations of form factors for exclusive semileptonic decays (abs, pdf)
Sergey MorozovKaon semileptonic decay form factors with N_f = 2 non-perturbatively O(a)-improved Wilson fermions (abs, pdf)
Carlos PenaNon-perturbative renormalisation of four-fermion operators in $N_f=2$ QCD (abs)

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