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Universality and massive excitations in 3d 3-state Potts model

Presenter: Mario Gravina — UNICAL - INFN Cosenza

R. Falcone, R. Fiore, M. Gravina, A. Papa

It is considered the mass spectrum of the 3d 3-state Potts model in the broken phase (a) near the second order Ising critical point in the temperature - magnetic field plane and (b) near the weakly first order transition point at zero magnetic field. In the case (a), mass spectrum is compared with the prediction from universality of mass ratio in the 3d Ising class; in the case (b), it is determined a mass ratio to be compared with the corresponding one in the spectrum of screening masses of the (3+1)d SU(3) pure gauge theory at finite temperature in the deconfined phase near the transition.