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Deflated BiCGStab for linear equation in QCD Problems

Presenter: Abdou Abdel-Rehim — Physics Department, Baylor University

Abdou M. Abdel-Rehim, Ronald B. Morgan, and Walter Wilcox

The large systems of complex linear equations that are generated in QCD problems often have multiple right-hand sides (for multiple sources) and multiple shifts (for multiple masses). Deflated GMRES methods have previously been developed for solving multiple right hand sides. Eigenvectors are generated during solution of the first right-hand side and used to speed up convergence for the other right-hand sides. Here we discuss deflating non-restarted methods such as BiCGStab. For effective deflation, both left and right eigenvectors are needed. Fortunately with the Wilson matrix, left eigenvectors can be derived from the right eigenvectors. We demonstrate for difficult problems with kappa near kappa critical that deflating eigenvalues can significantly improve BiCGStab. We also will look at improving solution of twisted mass problems with multiple shifts. Projecting over previous solutions is an easy way to reduce the work needed.