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Performance evaluation and tuning of lattice QCD on the next generation Blue Gene

Presenter: Jun Doi — IBM

Jun Doi

The Blue Gene architecture allows ultrascalablibility and efficent performance on a number of applications including lattice QCD. We have reported earlier on Lattice QCD results with current generation Blue Gene/L technology. The next generation Blue Gene offering has additional attributes that make it even more attractive for these types of problems. We report here on our initial performance tuning for lattice QCD Fermion inversion on the next generation Blue Gene. Lattice QCD is a very suitable and scalable application for the Blue Gene architecture family and benefits significantly from features such as the SIMD FPU and the 3 dimensional torus interconnect. We describe the key architecture features of Blue Gene, and report our initial code tuning efforts which take advantage of the new architecture features of the next generation Blue Gene.