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Twisted mass QCD at finite temperature

Presenter: Lars Zeidlewicz — University of Münster

E.-M. Ilgenfritz, K. Jansen, M.-P. Lombardo, M. Müller-Preussker, M. Petschlies, O. Philipsen, A. Sternbeck, L. Zeidlewicz

We discuss the use of Wilson fermions with twisted mass for simulations of QCD thermodynamics. As a prerequisite for a future analysis of the finite temperature transition making use of automatic O(a) improvement we investigate the phase structure in the space spanned by the hopping parameter κ, the inverse coupling β, and the twisted mass parameter µ. We present results for Nf=2 degenerate quarks on a 163 × 8 lattice, for which we have studied the extension of the Aoki phase at strong coupling and vanishing µ, as well as the thermal transition line at moderate gauge couplings and a non-vanishing µ.