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Non-perturbative renormalization of static-light four-fermion operators in quenched lattice QCD

Presenter: Mauro Papinutto — CERN

F. Palombi, M. Papinutto, C. Pena, H. Wittig

We present a non-perturbative study of the scale-dependent renormalization factors of a multiplicatively renormalizable basis of ΔB=2 parity-odd four-fermion operators in quenched lattice QCD. Heavy quarks are treated in the static approximation with various lattice discretizations of the static action. Light quarks are described by non-perturbatively O(a) improved Wilson-type fermions. The renormalization group running is computed for a family of Schrödinger Functional (SF) schemes through finite volume techniques in the continuum limit. We compute non-perturbatively the relation between the renormalization group invariant operators and their counterparts renormalized in the SF at a low energy scale and we provide non-perturbative estimates for the matching between the lattice regularized theory and the various SF schemes.