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Interactive Visualization Package for 4D LFTs

Presenter: Ivan Hip — University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering

Ivan Hip

Recent interest in exploring local vacuum structure of QCD through the properties of the eigenmodes of the lattice Dirac operators rises again the challenge to visualize four-dimensional objects and structures which appear in lattice field theories. In spite of complex and powerful commercial visualization software packages on the market, there are reasons to develop Interactive Visualization Package (IVP). We believe that an apprehension of the complex structures is possible only through the interactive approach, with the user being able to manipulate data representations and slices through the lattice in real-time. Further insight should also be gained by an interactive parallel examination of different physical quantities, e.g. eigenmode density with topological charge or action densities. Finally, thanks to constantly falling hardware prices, IVP makes it possible to use almost any Linux PC as a visualization tool for research in lattice field theory.