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Nucleon structure functions with Nf=2+1 dynamical domain-wall fermions

Presenter: Shigemi Ohta — IPNS/KEK and RBRC/BNL

Shigemi Ohta for RBC and UKQCD Collaborations

We report some lowest moments of nucleon unpolarized and polarized structure functions, such as the quark momentum fraction ⟨ xud, helicity fraction ⟨ xΔ u − Δ d and transversity ⟨ 1 ⟩δ u − δ d, calculated using the Nf=2+1-flavor dynamical domain-wall fermion (DWF) lattice QCD ensembles generated jointly by the RIKEN-BNL-Columbia and UKQCD Collaborations. The lattice cutoff of these ensembles is about 1.6 GeV. The strange mass is set about its physical value and several values for degenerate up and down mass corresponding to pion mass of about 690, 520, 390 and 310 MeV are used. The lattice spatial extent is as large as about 3 fm.