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Pseudo-scalar meson form factors with maximally twisted Wilson fermions at Nf=2

Presenter: Silvano Simula — INFN - Roma 3

S. Simula

Recent unquenched simulations performed using the tree-level Symanzik improved gauge action at β=3.9 and two dynamical, maximally twisted Wilson fermions have been used to calculate a variety of 3-point correlation functions relevant for semileptonic weak decays and electromagnetic transitions of light and heavy-light pseudo-scalar mesons.

Several results obtained with pion masses down to ∼300 MeV at a lattice spacing of ∼0.09 fm will be presented:

1) the Isgur-Wise function in the heavy-quark limit;

2) the vector, scalar and tensor form factors of the pion;

3) the vector and scalar form factors relevant for Kl3 decay.