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The SF running coupling with four flavours of staggered quarks

Presenter: Paula Perez Rubio — Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and Trinity College Dublin

Paula Perez-Rubio and Stefan Sint

In order to study the running coupling in four-flavour QCD, we review the set-up of the Schroedinger functional (SF) with staggered quarks. As noticed by Heller, staggered quarks require lattices which, in the usual counting, have even spatial lattice extent L/a while the time extent T/a must be odd. Setting T=L is therefore only possible up to O(a), which introduces different cutoff effects already in the pure gauge theory. We re-define the SF such as to cope with this situation and determine the corresponding classical background field. A perturbative calculation yields the coefficient of the pure gauge O(a) boundary counterterm to one-loop order.