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Unquenching Effects on the Coefficients of the Lüscher-Weisz Action

Presenter: Georg von Hippel — University of Regina

Zh. Hao, G.M. von Hippel, R.R. Horgan, Q.J. Mason, H.D. Trottier

Unquenching and improvement are both crucial ingredients in any attempt to extract precise predictions from lattice QCD simulations. However, the effects of unquenching on the improvement of the action have not yet been accounted for. Here, we present a computation [arXiv:0705.4660] of the effects of fermion loops on the perturbative improvement coefficients in the Symanzik action within the framework of Lüscher-Weisz on-shell improvement; the shift from the quenched values are surprisingly large, and may well explain the increased scaling violations seen in some unquenched studies.