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Quarkonium correlators at finite temperature and potential models

Presenter: Peter Petreczky — BNL

S. Datta, A. Mocsy, P. Petreczky

I will discuss what have been learned from the lattice calculations of quarkonium correlators at finite temperature. First I will present new data on quarkonium correlators calculated on isotropic lattices with lattice spacing 1/a=9.72GeV. Then I will discuss to what extent the correlators can be described by potential model. I show that potential model supplemented with perturbative QCD to incorporate the correct high energy behaviour of the spectral function and the zero mode contribution can describe well the temperature depencence of quarkonium correlators calculated on the lattice. I show that the weak temperature dependence of the quarkonium correlators does not necessarily imply survival of quarkoniun states above deconfinement but may result from threshold enhancement. The details of this study can be found in arXiv:0705.2559 [hep-ph]. In addition I will discuss the relation of quarkonium correlators to heavy quark transport.