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Effective field theories for rooted staggered fermions

Presenter: Maarten Golterman — San Francisco State University

Claude Bernard, Maarten Golterman and Yigal Shamir

Even highly improved variants of lattice QCD with staggered fermions show significant violations of taste symmetry at currently accessible lattice spacings. In addition, the "rooting trick" is used in order to simulate with the correct number of light sea quarks, and this makes the lattice theory non-local, even though there is good reason to believe that the continuum limit is in the correct universality class. In order to understand scaling violations, it is thus necessary to extend the construction of the Symanzik effective action to include rooted staggered fermions. We show how this can be done, starting from a generalization of the renormalization- group approach to rooted staggered fermions. We then derive the chiral effective theory that follows from the Symanzik action and show that it reproduces rooted staggered chiral perturbation theory.