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The 2+1 flavor topological susceptibility from the asqtad action at 0.06 fm

Presenter: James Hetrick — University of the Pacific

C. Bernard, C. DeTar, Steven Gottlieb, U.M. Heller, J.E. Hetrick, L. Levkova, J. Osborn, D. Renner, R. Sugar, D. Toussaint

We report new data for the topological susceptibility computed on 2+1 flavor dynamical configurations with lattice spacing 0.06 fm, generated with the asqtad action. The topological susceptibility is computed by HYP smearing and compared with rooted staggered chiral perturbation theory as the pion mass goes to zero. At 0.06 fm, the raw data is already quite close to the continuum extrapolated values obtained from coarser lattices. These results provide a further test of the asqtad action with rooted staggered flavors.