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Toward an improved determination of Tc with 2+1 flavors of Asqtad fermions

Presenter: Carleton DeTar — University of Utah

Carleton DeTar (HotQCD Collaboration)

An accurate determination of the QCD crossover temperature is essential for interpreting measurements from heavy ion collisions and for phenomenological modeling. The HotQCD Collaboration is carrying out new high statistics simulations with 2+1 flavors of Asqtad and p4 staggered fermions to help reduce the remaining systematic uncertainties. This talk focuses on the Asqtad determination. We combine new results at Nt = 6 and 8, obtained with the RHMC algorithm, with older results, obtained with the R algorithm, and explore a variety of ways to measure Tc. Finally, we compare the Asqtad determination with that from the p4 action.