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Quark mass determination from 2+1 flavor domain wall fermion simulations

Presenter: Enno E. Scholz — Brookhaven National Laboratory

Enno E. Scholz for the RBC- and UKQCD-collaborations

We present results on the masses of the average light (up and down) and the strange quark mass from simulations using Nf=2+1 flavors of dynamical domain wall fermions. Two sets of ensembles are taken into account in this analysis, both with a lattice spacing of a≈ 0.12 fm (a−1≈ 1.6 GeV) generated with the Iwasaki gauge action, but having different lattice sizes: L3× T× Ls=163×32×16 and 243×64×16, giving a spatial volume of (aL)3≈ (2 fm)3 and (3 fm)3, respectively. The simulated pion masses are in the range of 310 to 620 MeV. The non-perturbative renormalization technique of the Rome-Southampton group is employed, while extrapolation to the light physical masses is guided by chiral perturbation theory.