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Group Theoretical Construction of Baryon Operators using All-to-All Quark Propagators

Presenter: Jimmy Juge — University of the Pacific

Lattice Hadron Physics Collaboration

We describe a method to construct baryon operators which are based on group theoretical ideas (LHP Collaboration) using all-to-all quark propagators. It was demonstrated earlier that a large basis of extended baryon operators on (anisotropic) quenched backgrounds can be used to reliably extract the masses of (typically) more than 5 excited states in the nucleon channel. All-to-all quark propagators are expected to be useful when studying these excited states on light, dynamical configurations where mixing with multi-particle states become important. The dilution method (TrinLat Collaboration) is used to approximate the all-to-all quark propagators, which can then be extended to use low-lying eigenmodes if necessary. The key ideas for efficient computation of the interpolating operators are to use the fact that many extended baryon operators requires the computation of the same three-quark elemental operators and to utilize the sparseness of the diluted all-to-all quark propagators. Some simple examples in the nucleon channel will be discussed.