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Generalized parton distributions from domain wall valence quarks and staggered sea quarks

Presenter: Dru Renner — University of Arizona

D.B. Renner, J. Bratt, R.G. Edwards, M. Engelhardt, G.T. Fleming, Ph. Haegler, B. Musch, J.W. Negele, K. Orginos, A.V. Pochinsky, D.G. Richards, W. Schroers

Moments of the generalized parton distributions of the nucleon, calculated with a mixed action of domain wall valence quarks and asqtad staggered sea quarks, are presented for pion masses extending down to 359 MeV. Results for the moments of the unpolarized, helicity, and transversity distributions are given and compared to the available experimental measurements. Additionally, a selection of the generalized form factors are shown and the implications for the spin decomposition and transverse structure of the nucleon are discussed. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding systematic errors in the lattice calculation and exploring a variety of chiral extrapolations.