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Non-perturbative renormalization of four-quark operators and BK with Schrödinger functional scheme in quenched domain-wall QCD

Presenter: Yousuke Nakamura — University of Tsukuba

Y. Nakamura and Y. Taniguchi for CP-PACS Collaboration

We present a study of non-perturbative renormalization for Δ S=2 four-quark operators in quenched domain-wall QCD using the Schrödinger functional method. We evaluate the non-perturbative renormalization factor for BK at hadronic scale. Combined with the non-perturbative scaling previously obtained by the Alpha collaboration, our result yields the renormalization factor which convert the lattice bare value for BK to the RGI value. We apply the renormalization factor to the bare BK previously obtained by the CP-PACS collaboration, and compare it with the result obtained with the one-loop perturbative renormalization factor, as well as other non-perturbative renormalization results employing the RI/MOM scheme in DWQCD or the SF scheme in the twisted-mass QCD. We also investigate possible chiral symmetry breaking effects in the renormalization factors.