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High precision study of B*Bπ coupling in unquenched QCD

Presenter: Hiroshi Ohki — Kyoto University

Hiroshi Ohki , Hideo Matsufuru , and Tetsuya Onogi

The B*Bπ coupling is a fundamental parameter of chiral effective lagrangian with heavy-light mesons and can constrain the B→ π l ν form factor in the soft pion limit which will be useful for precise determination of |Vub|.

We compute the B*Bπ coupling with the static heavy quark and the O(a)-improved Wilson light quark. Simulations are carried out with nf=2 unquenched 123 24 lattices at β =1.80 generated by CP-PACS. The chiral limit is also taken using data at 4 different quark masses.

Following the quenched study by Negishi et al., we employ the all-to-all propagator technique with more than 100 low eigenmodes as well as the HQET action with HYP smeared link to improve the statistical accuracy.