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The vector and axial vector current in Wilson ChPT

Presenter: Oliver Baer — HU Berlin

Sinya Aoki, Oliver Baer

We construct the vector and axial vector currents in Wilson Chiral Perturbation Theory (WChPT), the low-energy effective theory for lattice QCD with Wilson fermions.

The construction is different compared to ChPT for continuum QCD, where the currents are essentially Noether currents associated with the chiral symmetries. In WChPT, due to explicit chiral symmetry breaking at non-zero lattice spacing, there appear O(a) terms in the expressions for the currents which do not stem from the effective action. In addition, the finite renormalization of the currents needs to be taken into account in order to properly match the currents of the effective theory.

As an explicit example we compute fπ with the renormalized axial vector current for a particular renormalization condition. It turns out that some of the O(a) corrections are taken care of by the renormalization.