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Thermodynamics and heavy-quark free energies at finite temperature and density with two flavors of improved Wilson quarks

Presenter: Yu Maezawa — The Univ. of Tokyo

Y. Maezawa, S. Aoki, S. Ejiri, T. Hatsuda, N. Ishii, K. Kanaya, N. Ukita and T. Umeda (WHOT-QCD Collaboration)

Thermodynamics of two-flavor QCD at finite temperature and density is studied on a 163 4 lattice, using a renormalization group improved gauge action and the clover improved Wilson quark action. In the simulations along lines of constant mPS/mV, we calculate the Taylor expansion coefficients of the quark determinant with respect to the quark chemical potential (q) up to fourth order. The second order coefficient of the quark number susceptibility shows enhancement around the pseudo-critical temperature which may be related to the existence of the critical point in small q region. We also calculate the free energy between quark(q) and antiquark(q), and between q and q, and find a characteristic difference between qq and qq free energies at finite q due to the first order coefficient of the Taylor expansion.