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Moments of leading-twist and next-to-leading twist nucleon distribution amplitudes.

Presenter: Nikolaus Warkentin — University of Regensburg

Nikolaus Warkentin for the QCDSF collaboration

Semi-exclusive and exclusive processes are becoming more and more important in high energy physics since these processes are excellently suited to study the hadronic structure. To analyze such processes the knowledge of the hadron distribution amplitudes, which are universal for different processes, is essential. Only rather indirect information on these non-pertubative functions can be obtained from measurements. Lattice QCD allow us to compute moments of distribution amplitudes from first principles using suitable three quark operators. We present preliminary results for leading-twist and next-to-leading twist nucleon distribution amplitudes based on the UKQCD-QCDSF simulations with 2 flavors of dynamical clover fermions.