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Transverse Momentum Distributions of Quarks from the Lattice using Extended Gauge Links

Presenter: Bernhard Musch — TUM T39

B.U. Musch, M. Goeckeler, Ph. Haegler, J.W. Negele, D.B. Renner, A. Schaefer

We present preliminary numerical studies in Lattice QCD related to the intrinsic transverse momentum distribution of partons in the nucleon. We employ non-local operators, consisting of spatially separated quark creation and annihilation operators connected by a straight Wilson line. A clear signal is already obtained from a small number of configurations at a pion mass mπ≈ 600 MeV. As anticipated from phenomenology, the correlators display a Gaussian-like dependence on the spatial separation of the quark operators, with an inverse width of 1/σ≈ 370 MeV/c.