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Relativistic correction to the static potential at O(1/m)

Presenter: Miho Koma — Institut fuer Kernphysik, University of Mainz

M. Koma, Y. Koma and H. Wittig

An alternative strategy for computing heavy quarkonium spectra is to solve the Schrödinger equation with the interquark potential including relativisic corrections. In potential NRQCD, the correction at O(1/m) is expected as well as the spin- and velocity-dependent potentials at O(1/m2). We investigate the O(1/m) correction in SU(3) lattice gauge theory with the multi-level algorithm. We find that the correction is comparable with the Coulombic term of the static potential when applied to charmonium, and amounts to one-fourth of the Coulombic term for bottomonium.