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Towards an interoperable International Lattice Datagrid

Presenter: Dirk Pleiter — DESY

P. Coddington, G. Beckett, N. Ishii, B. Joo, D. Melkumyan, R. Ostrowski, D. Pleiter, M. Sato, J. Simone, C. Watson, S. Zhang (for the ILDG Middleware Working Group)

The International Lattice Datagrid (ILDG) is a federation of several regional grids. Since several of these grids have reached production level, an increasing number of lattice scientists start to benefit from this new research infrastructure. The Middleware Working Group has the task of specifying the ILDG middleware such that interoperability among the different grids is achieved.

We will present the current status of our work. A live demo will allow participants to test access to the vast amount of gauge configurations which have become available through ILDG.