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Overlap Top-Higgs models and Higgs mass bounds

Presenter: Daniel Nogradi — University of Wuppertal

Zoltan Fodor, Kieran Holland, Julius Kuti, Daniel Nogradi, Chris Schroeder

Results from our Higgs collaboration are reported on the chiral overlap formulation of the Top-Higgs Yukawa model and the related Higgs mass lower bound. The phase diagram of the model will be outlined including the location of the physical point corresponding to the 171 GeV top quark. Preliminary results on the Higgs mass lower bound will be presented. The numerical results will be accompanied by the large Nf analysis of the model which puts the simulations under firm theoretical control. The full Top-Higgs-QCD model will also be presented and our strategy to explore the allowed Higgs mass range of the Standard Model will be outlined.