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QCD with one quark flavor: I. Numerical simulations and hadron spectrum

Presenter: Federico Farchioni — University of Muenster

F. Farchioni, I. Montvay, G. Muenster, E.E. Scholz, T. Sudmann, J. Wuilloud

One-flavor QCD – a gauge theory with SU(3) colour gauge group and a fermion in the fundamental representation – is studied by Monte Carlo simulations. The Symanzik tree-level-improved Wilson action is used for the gauge field and the (unimproved) Wilson action for the fermion. The theory is simulated by a polynomial hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm (PHMC). The mass spectrum of hadronic bound states is investigated at two different lattice spacings: a ≃ 0.37  r0 and a ≃ 0.27  r0, corresponding to ≃ 0.19   fm and ≃ 0.13   fm in ordinary QCD. The lattice extension is fixed to L ≃ 4.4  r0  (≃ 2.2   fm). The lightest simulated quark mass corresponds to a pion lighter than 300 MeV.