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QCD with one quark flavor: II. Analysis and chiral perturbation theory

Presenter: Tobias Sudmann — University of Muenster

F. Farchioni, I. Montvay, G. Muenster, E.E. Scholz, T. Sudmann, J. Wuilloud

One-flavor QCD – a gauge theory with SU(3) colour gauge group and a fermion in the fundamental representation – is studied by Monte Carlo simulations. Properties of the theory are analyzed by making use of the ideas of partially quenched chiral perturbation theory (PQChPT). Due to the U(1)A anomaly, the single-flavor QCD theory does not have a continuous chiral symmetry. However the symmetry can be artificially enhanced by adding extra valence quarks, which can be interpreted as u and d quarks. Operators in the valence pion sector can be built. Masses and decay constants are analyzed by using PQChPT formulae at next-to-leading order.