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The chiral critical point of Nf=3 QCD: towards the continuum

Presenter: Owe Philipsen — University of Münster

Ph. de Forcrand and Owe Philipsen

Three flavour QCD on Nt=4 lattices with staggered fermions displays a first order thermal phase transition for light bare quark masses m<mc, which changes to a smooth crossover for m>mc. The critical bare mass mc, marking the boundary between those regimes, is characterized by a second order phase transition belonging to the universality class of the 3d Ising model. We present first numerical results of an investigation on finer Nt=6 lattices, showing the critical bare quark mass to shift to significantly smaller values compared to the coarser lattice. We investigate scaling violations in the corresponding pion mass and the curvature of the critical line Tc(µ). Implications for the critical point at finite density are discussed.