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The Hadronic Spectrum of 2-colour QCD at Non-zero Chemical Potential

Presenter: Peter Sitch — Swansea University

Simon Hands, Peter Sitch and Jon-Ivar Skullerud

The hadron spectrum of SU(2) lattice gauge theory with two flavours of Wilson fermion is studied at non-zero chemical potential and low temperature on an 83 16 lattice. The mass dependence of the mesons, diquarks and kaons in this 2-colour QCD theory are measured using all-to-all propagators. As is increased from zero the states with non-zero baryon number respond as one would naively expect, while the zero baryon number states remain constant until the onset of non-zero baryon density (=π/2). Post onset the diquarks remain constant, the π becomes heavier and ρ lighter. For large the masses of the kaonic states increase slightly. The results are compared with Chiral perturbation theory and a spin-one effective langrangian model, and the implications for deeply bound kaonic nuclear states are discussed.