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Non-perturbative renormalisation of four-fermion operators in Nf=2 QCD

Presenter: Carlos Pena — CERN

P. Dimopoulos, G. Herdoiza, F. Palombi, M. Papinutto, C. Pena, A. Vladikas, H. Wittig

We will present results for the non-perturbative renormalisation of four-fermion operators with two flavours of dynamical quarks. We consider both fully relativistic left current-left current operators, and a full basis for Δ B=2 operators with static heavy quarks. The renormalisation group running of the operators to high energy scales is computed in the continuum limit for a family of Schrödinger Functional renormalisation schemes, via standard finite size scaling techniques. The total renormalisation factors relating renormalisation group invariant to bare operators are computed for a choice of lattice regularisations.