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Non-perturbative relation between the bare and the RGI heavy quark mass in finite-volume two-flavour QCD

Presenter: Patrick Fritzsch — Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Institut für Theoretische Physik

Michele Della Morte, Patrick Fritzsch, Jochen Heitger, Harvey Meyer, Hubert Simma, Rainer Sommer

Following the strategy for a non-perturbative matching of HQET and QCD in finite volume and with dynamical quarks presented in a companion talk by J. Heitger, we report on our determination of the renormalization constants and improvement coefficients relating the renormalized current and subtracted bare quark mass in the relevant weak coupling region of two-flavour lattice QCD. This then allows to perform finite-volume simulations, in which the RGI heavy quark mass can be precisely fixed to values chosen around the b-quark mass. The calculation of the renormalization and improvement constants employs a constant physics condition in the Schrödinger functional (SF) scheme, where the box size L is fixed by working at a prescribed value of the SF coupling, ḡ2(L). To reach the continuum limit, we simulate up to 404 lattices with Nf=2.