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Landau-gauge gluon and ghost propagators in 4D SU(3) gluodynamics on large lattice volumes

Presenter: Igor Bogolubsky — Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna)

I.L.Bogolubsky, E.-M.Ilgenfritz, M.Mueller-Preussker, A.Sternbeck

We present recent results of the Landau gauge gluon and ghost propagators in SU(3) pure gauge theory on volumes up to (12fm)4. In particular, we focus on finite-volume and Gribov copy effects. We employ an improved gauge fixing method that combines over-relaxation with an optimally tuned simulated annealing algorithm. We find at the largest volumes that the gluon propagator flattens reaching smaller momenta. Although not excluded, there is no signal so far of the gluon propagator vanishing in the zero-momentum limit.