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Renormalization of Polyakov loops in fundamental and higher representations

Presenter: Olaf Kaczmarek — Universität Bielefeld

Olaf Kaczmarek with Sourendu Gupta and Kay Hübner

We compare two different renormalization procedures, one based on the short distance behavior of heavy quark-antiquark free energies and the other by using bare Polyakov loops at different temporal extend of the lattice and found that both prescriptions are equivalent, resulting in renormalization constants that depend on the bare coupling. Furthermore these constants show Casimir scaling for higher representations of the Polyakov loops. The analysis of the behavior of Polyakov loops in different representations of the color SU(3) group indicates that a simple perturbative inspired relation in terms of the quadratic Casimir operator is realized to a good approximation at temperatures above Tc . In contrast to a vanishing Polyakov loop in representations with non-zero triality in the confined phase, the adjoint loops are small but non-zero even for temperatures below the critical one. The adjoint quark-antiquark pairs exhibit screening. This behavior can be related to the binding energy of glue-lump states.