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Lattice Landau gauge gluon propagator: an SU(2) investigation with improved gauge fixing

Presenter: Michael Muller-Preussker — Humboldt-University Berlin

I.L. Bogolubsky, V.G. Bornyakov, G. Burgio, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, V.K. Mitrjushkin, M. Muller–Preussker, P. Schemel

For the gluon propagator in pure 4D SU(2) lattice gauge theory we investigate the problem of Gribov copies and finite volume effects within the Landau gauge. For gauge fixing we enlarge the gauge orbits by non-periodic Z(2) gauge transformations and employ an optimized simulated annealing algorithm. We show the latter algorithm to become more efficient than standard overrelaxation for sufficient large lattice size. Moreover, we demonstrate the finite volume effects in the infrared regime to become ameliorated. In particular, reaching a physical volume of about (6.5 fm)4 we find the propagator to become flat in the region of smallest momenta achieved in our study leaving open a decrease towards vanishing momentum.