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The QCD transition temperature from simulations on BlueGene L Supercomputer at LLNL

Presenter: Rajan Gupta — Los Alamos National Lab

HotQCD Collaboration

Precise estimates of the transition temperature, Tc, and the equation of state (EOS) of the quark gluon plasma are critical inputs in the phenomenological analysis of Relativistic Heavy Ion collisions. This talk will present high statistics data obtained by the HotQCD collaboration to estimate these quantities from simulations of 2+1 flavor p4 and Asqtad improved staggered actions at Nτ=8 being done on the BlueGene L supercomputer at LLNL. This talk will focus on determination of Tc from the p4 action and include an update of results and analysis of systematic uncertainties combining NT=4, 6 and 8 lattice data. Final estimate of Tc will include a comparison between 2+1 flavor Asqtad and p4 staggered fermion simulations, further improving the reliability of the continuum limit extrapolation.