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Computational Requirements of the Rational Hybrid Monte Carlo Algorithm

Presenter: Norman Christ — Columbia University

Norman H. Christ for the RBC and UKQCD Collaborations

The rational hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm and Hasenbusch mass preconditioning provide dramatic reductions in the computer time required to generate an ensemble of lattice configurations including the effects of dynamical quarks. In fact, the advantage over earlier methods grows rapidly as the mass of the lightest quarks decreases. We will present theoretical estimates for the dependence of the computer requirements for simulations using these new methods on the quark mass, lattice spacing and volume. Comparisons are made with the performance found in 2+1 flavor domain wall fermion simulations using 2 and 3 fm volumes, lattice spacings of 0.123 and 0.093 fm and quark masses as small as 1/7 of the strange quark mass.