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The Static Approximation to B Meson Mixing using Light Domain Wall Fermions: Perturbative Renormalization and Ground State Degeneracies

Presenter: Thomas Dumitrescu — Columbia University

Norman Christ, Thomas Dumitrescu, Taku Izubuchi, Oleg Loktik

We discuss the theoretical input into our current calculation of fBd,s and BBd,s using the Iwasaki gauge action, light domain wall quarks, and a smeared static heavy quark propagator. We present the complete one-loop, mean-field improved matching of heavy-light current and four-fermion lattice operators onto the static continuum theory renormalized in MS(NDR). The large degeneracies present in a static calculation are addressed and a method for extracting fB and BB using only box sources is described; implications for future calculations are discussed.