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K → π π Amplitudes at Unphysical Kinematics Using Domain Wall Fermions

Presenter: Matthew Lightman — Columbia University

Matthew Lightman for the RBC and UKQCD Collaborations

Preliminary results will be presented for the lattice calculation of K → π π amplitudes evaluated at unphysical kinematics where all three mesons are at rest. These calculations are carried out using domain wall fermions with 2+1 dynamical flavors, an inverse lattice spacing a−1=1.62 GeV, and a (3 fm)3 spatial volume. Results relevant to matrix elements of four quark weak operators will be presented and compared with chiral perturbation theory. These calculations are the first part of a larger project intended to use information from such K → π π matrix elements to study the Δ I=1/2 rule and є'/є using chiral perturbation theory.