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Progress on Perturbative Matching Calculations for the Charm Quark Mass using HISQ Action using the HISQ action

Presenter: Emel Dalgic — TRIUMF & SFU

Emel Dalgic, Kit Wong, Christine Davies, Eduardo Follana, Alistair Hart, Ron Horgan, Peter Lepage, Quentin Mason, Junko Shigemitsu, Howard Trottier, Jackson Wu

The highly-improved staggered quark (HISQ) action is the most accurate discretization to-date for charm quarks. Here we report progress on perturbative matching calculations for the quark mass using the HISQ action. The matching is done using a combination of Monte Carlo simulations at weak coupling, and diagrammatic perturbation theory, with an eventual determination of the renormalization through O(alphas2). When combined with on-going simulation efforts for the HISQ action, using three-flavour unquenched staggered backgrounds, this work will yield a determination of the charm quark mass of a few percent accuracy. Of particular interest will be a comparison with a recent high-precision sum rule determination of the charm mass due to Chetyrikin, Kuhn and Sturm. As a first step the one-loop matching calculation for the ratio mc/ms will be done which, when combined with the mc result due to Chetyrikin et al., will provide an independent determination of the strange quark mass ms up to leading corrections of O(alpha22 (amc)2), or a few percent accuracy.