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Renormalization group evolution for the Δ S=1 effective Hamiltonian with 3 quark flavors

Presenter: David Adams — Seoul National University

David H. Adams and Weonjong Lee

We discuss the renormalisation group evolution for the Δ S = 1 operators in unquenched QCD with Nf = 3 (mu=md=ms) or, more generally, Nf = 2+1 (mu=mdms) flavors. In particular, we focus on the specific problem of the singularities which show up only for Nf=3 or Nf = 2+1 in the original solution of Buras et al. for the RG evolution matrix at next-to-leading order. These singularities reflect a breakdown of Buras et al.'s original treatment in this case. We extend and refine the original treatment to obtain the correct solution in this case. It is free of singularities and can therfore be used in numerical analysis of data sets calculated in lattice QCD.