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Universality and Scaling at the chiral transition in two-flavor QCD at finite temperature

Presenter: Tereza Mendez — IFSC–USP

Tereza Mendez

It is clear that the order of the deconfining phase transition in QCD at nonzero temperature and density (with realistic quark masses) is of great experimental interest. The importance of the transition at zero baryon density with only two (degenerate) quark flavors is perhaps less evident. As a matter of fact, the order of the transition in this case is still an open problem and corresponds to the last question mark in the zero-density phase diagram of QCD. We argue that establishing the nature of the transition in this case is also a crucial test for numerical simulations of lattice QCD, allowing precise estimates of the possible systematic errors related to the choice of fermion-simulation algorithm and of discretized formulation for fermions.